Name: Saikrupa Priyadarshi
Venue: UCO bank, bhubaneswar

I entered the hall of panel no-4. I was a bit late. All were waiting for me as i had serial no-1 ๐Ÿ˜›
Document verification went on smoothly. Then someone took me towards the interview panel. He said me its a very good panel. Don’t get nervous, they are very friendly. It was panel of 4 members. I was a bit nervous while entering the room. 
Knocked the door. May I come in!!
They said please come
I greeted everyone a very good morning and stood near the chair. They said please be seated and feel comfortable.
M1- Ok tell us something about yourself.
Me: my name is saikrupa priyadarshi
M1: Ok we know that dear and everyone smiled including me (gently).
Me: I continued….i belong to thisss….I have done this in this college and passed out in 2011
M2:  you passed out in 2011 . What have you been doing since?
Me: After passing out I joined Siemens Ltd. Worked there for almost 2 years. As I was not in direct payroll, my salary was not that good and didn’t get any job satisfaction. Then I came to bhubaneswar and opened an institute and started teaching maths to 12, diploma and B.tech students. (They were impressed a bit). Then I joined a diploma college and left before SBI exam.
M3: Did you qualify SBI or any other exam?
Me: No I couldn’t qualify SBI. Though I qualified RRB, but couldn’t make it to the final list
M3: Ok good. Why IDBI and ECGC in 1st preference ? Any Specific reason?
Me: Sir, to be very honest IDBI has a better salary than other banks(with a smile). Every one smiled
M3: Better means?? It does give highest pay than any other banks. any other reason?
Me: As I have worked in industrial area ans Idbi is an industrial developement bank, I can correlate my experience with it.
M3: Why ECGC? What do you know about ECGC?
Me: It is export credit guarantee cooperation. It deals with the export system of the country.
M3: jitnaa jaante ho bolo. Kuch sochho mat. daro mat. Bolo..aur kya reason hai?
Before I could say anything M2 said salary could be the reason or ECGC has all its branches in urban area.
Every one laughed and I laughed too .
M1: what is nationalisation?
Me: its the process in which private organisations get under government’s ownership
M1: aur bolo
Me: in 1969, 14 banks were nationalised and in 1980 next 7 banks were nationalised
M2: its 6 actually not 7(with a smile)
Me: sorry sir I got confused ๐Ÿ™‚
M4: What is MSME?
Me: Sir, It stands for micro small and medium industries.
Again before saying anything…M2 asked are there any MSMEs in your area?
Me; sorry sir, i have no knowledge about it
Then they explained briefly ๐Ÿ™‚
F: Have you read Bhagvat Geeta?(with a smile)
Me: No mam, I haven’t gone through it
F: You must have heard about bhagbat geeta. What is written there? Who was saying to whom.? In which language its written?
Me: Mam, geeta says the activities that human being should or should not peruse. Lord krushna was saying to Arjuna and its written in sanskrit
M2: What is PSL?
Me; Its a process in which priority is given to the weaker portion of the society like Education, Export, Infrastructure, Export etc.
M2: Agriculture?
Me: yes sir, I forgot that that point
M2: Ok next?
Me: A target has given under PSL. More then 20 foreign branches in India except RRb will give 40% of ANBC and less than 20 branches will give 32% of ANBC
M2: Then what about RRB?
Me: Sir, now its 75%
M2: very good
M3: What are your hobbies? your strengths and weaknesses?
Me; I love to watch cricket and like singing songs. Being a follower of Cricket I believe a am a good team leader as in previous company I have already lead a team. 
While answering weakness I said I am a short temper( I was very angry at that time coz I don’t know how it came out my tongue). They were all surprised. they said its a problem for bank then.
Then I managed a bit, I said I am working on it and how ever reduced it by doing some yogas in the morning :P. Then they said its okay.
Finally they said ok Mr sai. It was nice talking to you they shook hands.
It was a mind blowing experience,
They were really very friendly and cooperated in a nice way. It occurred around 15 mins. They all were smiling for the entire 15 mins. ๐Ÿ™‚

I think it was good.Rest is on GOD ๐Ÿ™‚