Name : Arun Kumar P
BA Name : David Villa @Arun P
Venue : Andhra Bank Head office, Saifabad, Hyd..
Date & Time : 19th jan, 1pm , panel – 4

Here we go..!! I went half an hour before at 12.30 pm. Document verification completed by 1.30.
My turn came at 3.15pm . Its my 1st interview in life but i was cool n calm before entering into panel..
Entered the room n greeted everyone.. As usual 4 men n 1 female.. Took my seat
M1 – What is e-commerce..?
Me – Thinking lill bit nervousness started.. Purchasing n selling of goods electronically..
M1 – Is Filpkart a E-commerce site..?
Me – Yes, sir..
M1 – What is call drop..??
Me – Thought a while n said  sorry sir i cant define exactly…
M1 – Tell any 5 electronic companies in india..??
Me – Videocon, onida 
M2 – U have done btech in electronics .. so how would improve our country technically..??
Me – Stumbled n Fumbled said about digitalization but she was not satisfied.
M3 – What is IRCTC..??
Me – Indian railways catering and stopped.. i was confused with tc..
M3 – Did u book a railway ticket from online anytime..??
Me – No sir, directly i went to station n took there itself..
M3 – Explain any 2 schemes launched by PM..??
Me – PMJDY – Its aim is to promote financial inclusion and open a bank a/c for every indian. Min balance required to open in zero n max. overdraft amount available is 5000.
Gold Monetisation scheme – It replaces gold deposit scheme. Min amount of gold invested is 30grams ..Gold can be deposited in 3 terms 
short term interest rate 2.5%
medium interest rate – 2.75%
long term interest rate – 2.75%
M3 – What are 3 gold schemes introduced n why..??
Me – Gold monetisation Sovereign gold bonds Gold coins.. these are launched inorder to reduce dependency on gold imports n recycle the unutilized gold in the country..
M4 – Do u have a bank a/c..?
Me – yes sir, SBI bank
M4 – Wat are the documents required for a bank a/c..??
Me – sir, address proof, identity proof and a photo .. 
M4 – what is a debit card..??
Me – sir,It is basically used for withdrawing money at any time..
M4 – diff b/w debit & credit card..??
Me – sir, In debit cards we dont have overdraft facility but in credit cards we have..it’s nothing but the drawing power is more than the money present in the credit a/c of a customer..
That’s it..Over all my 1st interview in life was good(ok-ok types) lasted about 15 mins..
So people..,, be calm n composed no need to fear
Questions not answered doesn’t matters..Its all about your interaction with them.. 
Thank you .. :))