BA Name: I Can and I will
Time 1 pm
22 Jan 2016

Well, I have nothing to share because it was an informal interview.
It was just a normal conversation. Still posting it. There were 4 males and 1 female.
Me : May I come in sir
Panel: Yes come in. 
Have a seat
Me: thank you sir
Lady : Be comfortable beta
Me : thank you mam
Lady : Introduce your self (only family and qualification)
Male : tell me your marks of 10, graduation.
Male member: what have you studied?
Me : Banking
Male member: which topics?
Me: sir everything in banking.
Male member : beta, banking is very vast. Tell me topics.
Me: financial inclusion, deposits
Male : ok explain financial inclusion.
Me : affordable banking facility, 1 account per house, direct benefit link etc.
Male member: Why do you want to join bank? Havn’t u applied for private?
Me: sir because it is a secure job, have high growth.
No sir, I haven’t applies for private because I am interested in govt.
Lady : banks are going to be private.and then there will be no security in this then? Then will you leave this job? And what if you get posting in villages.
Me: Mam I like travelling so no problem in posting .and govt. is doing so much for this sector so I think it will always be a secure job.
Male member: ok beta if u get posting in village then don’t come to us that plzz I want transfer and all.
Me: ok sir, I want job no matter where it would be.
Ok beta, you may go
Good luck
Note: whole conversation was in hindi.