Finally gave d interview! It was good! Panel members seemed impressed. 
Name- Monika
Venue- UCO bank Bhubaneswar

Interview time-12-15min

After the normal greetings,interview panel asked why your name doesnt have a title?
I said sir my father wanted me to be an independent individual thats why.

M1: thats a nice thinking! I am  glad about your broad thinking of parents. Ok so tell me
whats the meaning of your name

M1: oh good.so why banking after engineering?

M1: seemed convinced.

M2: what is women empowerment? how bank helps women??
I:explained,told about some schemes

M2: who is the first woman speaker of India?or tell present??
I:got confused and by mistake i said sushma swaraj! Then i said sorry sir i dont know much about Politics.

M3: u should.but its ok..

M4: what is banking?

M5: how bank makes profit?

M1: what if people are not giving back money taken as loan?what will happen?how bank
will recover?
I:I said it will become NPA and then through sarfaesi act, bank can recover money.

M2: what is NPA?
I: I started explaining like a wikipedia then

M1: ok we got it you know.the way u showing your interest and the way u expressing is
good. Unnecessarily u wasted 4 years.
I: I told i had no one to guide,got influenced by my father so i joined engineering.

M1: so u blaming ur father for it?
I: no sir its just that i got influenced.

M1: what about your campus placement?
I: I got selected in infosys but i didnt join because i m not interested in IT sector,
Though it requires guts to leave but i am happy with my decision.

M3: u seem so much interested in banking,what if u r not able to qualify?
I: sir,i will try till the end.

M3: but still if not then which field u will go??
I: sir i have never thought of because i am concentrating at present and if from now
only i will start thinking negative then i wont be able to give my 100%.

M1: correct!

M3: nodded head

M1: so u took any coaching?
I: no sir only self study.

M1: ok lets give u a situation,u have to give a speech in rural area to convince
people,how will you??imagine we are villagers.
I in full mood said speech in odiya,but will write in Hindi to explain all
Namaste bhaiyo aur behno mai aj aapko bataungi ki kyu kholna chahie account?
Kya aap sab jante hai ki account kholne se interest milega. Interest wo hai jissey paisaa
badhega. Nahi mai koi jaadugar nahi hu na thagi,ye mumkin hai!! To kyn paisa aaise hi
apne pass rakhna,aaiye aur paise bachaie. Everyone laughed and said well said!!

M1: tell me the way u said whats the difference between d local street sellers selling
product n u?
I: sir people in street sell for profit and most of the time they sell fake products but
in my case m selling for my benefit. If i would not have lowered my standards then how
could i have convinced the villagers sir? they wont understand if i dont say in their
style. All panels nodded head!! Fully convinced.

M1: do u know which movie got maximum awards??
I: sir bajrangi bhaijaan then recollecting i said bajirao mastani.

M1: did u watch?
I: no sir

M1: did u watch piku?
I: no sir but i watched pk

M1: smiling,so u don’t watch much movies?
I: no sir very rare.

M1: good
M4: so u will shift to any rural place??
I:yes sir!

All panel seemed happy with my expression and personality

M1: ok u may go

I SAID THANK U and finally interview ended!!