location- kolkata
VENUE:ubi tower. pnl – 4(time – 8.30)
Time taken- 6-7 month
only(4 male and 1 female)

M1: Ok Abhinaba, Introduce urself?
ME: Explained Very well
M2: Difference micro credit and micro finance ?
Me: Sorry sir
M2: Difference between asset and liabilities for a bank?
Me: Explained
M3: loan kaya hoga asset ya liabilty?
Me: Asset
F1: Why loan is asset, While bank is giving money to you?
Me: Explained
M4: What is K.C.C ?
Me: Told
F1: Rate of interest for kcc?
Me: Told
M2: What is psl?
Me: Told
M1: Why they are called priority sector?
Me: Explained
M2: Chitfund illegal or legal?
Me: Told
Thanku  may go now
Deepak Kumar Singh
Btech: IIIT Bhubaneswar
MBA: NIT Rourkela (Continuing)
Venue: UCO Bank Bhubaneswar
Panel: IV
Time: 1pm
Reached the venue at 1pm,was late to enter the room.My serial no. was 10. Document verification started immediately.Mine came at around 2:15. And just after that called for interview.There were 5 panel members.1 women and 4men.
M1: What is management, Why there is a need of a management degree?
Me: Answered, well with definations and all.
M2: What are fixed cost,variable cost, break even analysis?
Me: Answered,but fumbled while explaining break even analysis.
M3: What do you know about bank?
Me: Answered well with defination,its functions, banks role in indian economy etc.
M1: What do you know about CASA?
Me: Answered well
M2: Made joke on me, Pehle engineering ki, phir Mba , then joing Bank?
Me: Answered
Laughs all around.
Panel shook hands with me gave me besties for the result.
That’s it. Hardly it went for 10 mins.
All The Best!!!!