Name : Xavier Ahmed 

Qualification: B Tech Mech 
Venue: Andhra Bank Zonal office Vizag 
Date: 22-01-16 
Time: 8:30 AM 
Panel: 2 
Panel size: 5(M2 M1 M3 M4 F1) 

Good morning sirs, Good morning madam 
M1: Please take your seat 
M1: Where are you from? 
 M1: What is your father name? 
M1: What do your father do? 
M1: How much of land do you have? 
M1: 1 hectare is equal to how many acres? 
M1: About my previous company and work experience? 
M1: What do you mean by TMT in TMT steel bar? 
M1: What is the process of rusting of iron called? 
M1: Does the iron weigh heavy after rusting? 
M1: What do you mean by stainless steel? What are its components? 
M1: What do you mean by an alloy? 
M1: What is cast iron? 
M1: What is the difference between coke and coal? 
M3: what are negotiable instruments? 
M3: How many parties does a cheque and DD have? 
M4: What do you mean by CD(certificate of deposits) and CP(Commercial paper)? 
M4: What are sovereign gold bonds? 
M4: what is the rate of interest on sovereign gold bonds? 
M4: How does it differ from purchasing physical gold? 
F1: What do you mean by 3D object? 
F1: What is the difference between 3D and 2D? 
F1: What is the angle between X,Y,Z axes? 
F1: Can you show me them in this room? 
F1: Ok done!! 
M1: Ok Thank you!! 
M2: All the best(by offering a chocolate)!! 

This is the max. I can recollect!!!!! 
Gd luck folks!!!! 


Time: 8.30am

As usual I entered verification room,there I got full relax,certificates verified successfully,then they offered coffee.snacks,water.
Then,we were taken to near interview room.
My turn came.I entered by wishing them good morning madam,sir(4)
HEAD OF THE PANEL(M1):  K you r (V.M.K)
ME: yes sir

M1: he directly asked me why you have chosen ECE(B.TECH)? with out asking me (introduction)
ME: sir at that time I was having lack of awareness,about branches,as it is the top most branch so I have chosen.

M1: so if you have awareness,which branch you will choose?
ME: Sir if I had the awareness,I will choose C.S.E,because at that time software sector is in good position.

M2: so how your branch will help for banking?
ME: sir,I will be perfect in computer operations,we will know how to.install software,, ,,,,
M1: Satisfied.

M2: what are core industries?
ME:I suddenly stopped my self confused,did not tell,simply said sorry sir I don’t know.(despite knowing the answer)

M2: how software industry is helpful for India?
ME: I tried,simply told about exports,that many leading nations are depending@software technology..programs,,,,,,,,they are importing from India…..
M2: Happy,smiled,replied good

M3: how many types of account s are there?
ME: current,savings,I stopped,then he added deposits, 

M3: what is the difference between current n savings a/c?
ME: you may laugh,I replied simply I don’t know sir,then sir replied what ,then I added sir mostly people are using savings,business/…are using current account,then said ya that is correct,then why are you telling don’t know,many candidates are using the Same word don’t sir,…he was happy with my answer.

M4: types of loans
ME: education,housing,I told only two he was satisfied n 

M4: asked me,RRB’S gives loans in villages?
ME: STOPPED think ,told agriculture related …

M5: what are your extra curricular activities?
ME: I started with, madam  I ‘ve presented paper n poster presentation s during my college days,in the middle I added madam I think I am a good public speaker,……

M5: so why you don’t be a politician?
ME: little bit smiled,sir  in every field there should be a team leader,like that…I used to mingle with every one,,,,easily..replied with one example
M5: happy

M1: k now you can go,n he said ALL THE BEST that gives me a lot of strength ,why because I am just OK with my replies/answers.but they liked my language I mean way of speaking,I used some  words In the middle,,like standstill,cross checked,……

Finally I came out with happiness

Note: plz give the best answer you can easily.think I didn’t give The best answer.
All the very best@ALL of you