Name: Ashish Kumar
Time: 8:30 AM
Venue: Bank of India staff training college,sector 62
Panel: 1st
& my no.is also 1st in my panel

I reached venue at 7:45 am, we all got entry at 8:10 am.
Document verification started at 8:40 am. Document verification went smoothly.
At 9:10 am my name announced.

There were 5 members in the panel. 4 gents & a lady.

M1: where u r from?
Me: told
(No cross question on this.)

M1: what have you done?
Me: told(I am a b.sc graduate)
(No question related to academic)

M1: Why u want to join bank?
Me: as banking is one of the fastest growing sector in our economy.It provides high growth,stability, and the we can interact with different people…(interrupted me…)

M1: what do u mean by stability?
Me: told…but they are not stasified.

M2: what is the govt.share in pnb?
Me: told

M2: With the increasing technology in banks…u will not get much interaction with people…plss justify ur comment?
Me:told…& they little bit satisfied

M2: what u know about Mudra bank?

M2: In mudra bank..there is direct lending…or indirect lending?
Me: told

M3: who is the speaker of lok sabha?

M3:  who is the vice president of india?

M3: what is the tenure of rajya sabha member?
Me: told

Lady: what is e-kyc?
Me: told

M4: who is the chairman of icici?
Me: told

M4: that’s all you can go now..all the best.
Me: thnk u sir

Interview last for 15mns. It was my 1st interview. Hope for the good.

Best of luck to all. Be yourself. 🙂