Name: Prashanth K

Venue: Andhra Bank Zonal Office Secunderabd, Sultan Bazar, Koti, Hyderabad.
Date: 19/01/2016
Panel: 2
Time: 8:30 AM
Document Verification:
I reached the venue at 8:45 am and everyone were already seated for their certificate verification. They called one by one for Bio-metric verification. After Bio-metric they started verifying Documents. I was the 8th person in the list. They took 10 mins for verifying my documents. After verifying my documents they told to sit for few minutes. After 15 mins they called out 5 Names including mine. Verification was done on 4th floor and they took us to 2nd floor for Interview.
There were 4 members (1F and 3M) in the Panel 2.
M1: So Prashanth you are from Electronics and Communication Engineering, tell me what have you learned in the college?
Me: told few subject names and last subject name I told was Microprocessors and Micro controllers.
M1: So what is Micro and Macro?
Me: told but still they expected more.
M1: Since you are from Engineering background and now there are Metro Trains coming in the city why don’t you apply for it? Why Banking?
Me: told
M1: Can you abbreviate ECGC?
Me: Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd
M1: I see that you opted Exim and ECGC Banks in the top place and why? How are they different from each other?
M1: What are you strengths?
M1: What is Exim bank? And what does ECGC do?
M1: Can you tell something about BRICS?
Now M2: Who is present RBI Governor?
M2: What does RBI do?
Me: told but forgot to mention licensing New Banks.
Now MAM: Why did you opt for Exim Bank?
MAM: What is Current Account Deficit?
Now M3: You see to be interested in Exports, Can you tell those terms which are used before shipping and after shipping?
Me: I was blank, I didn’t understand the question. (He only told me answer for that and said nothing to worry, you will come to know all these when you Join)
M1: Okay, Prashanth! You can go now.
Me: thanked everyone individually.