Date:22 Jan 2016

Venue: Hyderabad
Time:1 pm
Name: Kumar

Reached venue by 11:50 am. Certificate verification was going on when I reached the venue. My certificates were verified at about 2:00 pm. Dear friends, who ever mentioned Post graduation as your qualification, please carry your Pg certificate also, or else you may not be allowed. One PG candidate in our venue was not allowed because he was carrying only graduation certificate and not PG. They offered Tea and biscuits at about 2:30pm.My interview started at about 3:45 pm. There were 3 members in the panel(2M, 1F). Most probably, i think they are retired Bank officers. 
Me: May I come in Sir?
Panel: Please come in
Me: Wished every one in the panel individually(Gud Afternoon)
M1: Ok Kumar, 
M1: You finished your B.Tech in 2011,What have you been doing all these years,were you working?
Me: Sir, the first two years after my engineering are completely messed up and I was attempting all sorts of examinations. In some of them i succeeded in reaching up to the interview and in some I did not, But for the past 3years I was preparing only for banking, because it was recruiting with huge vacancies and there are wide opportunities. Once after being an Asst Manager, I can see myself as a GM in 20-25 years….(Panel member interrupted me)
M1: Ya, Ya, you can even become ED and even CMD.
M1: Is this your first interview?
Me: Last year I attended the IBPS PO 4 interview and missed the final selection list by a fraction of a mark(0.80, my score was 44.80, Cut off was 45.60 ).
M2: So what did you learn from that, Did you think about what went wrong?
Me: Yes Sir,Untill last year, I alloted more time to prepare notes and finally ended up in no time for studying, This time I avoided that and managed my time wisely.
M2: So, what did you prepare for the interview, Which subject?
Me:Banking…(pause for about 3 sec, the panel member was expecting me to continue and say something, but i stopped with Banking only)

M3: Do you know about “Clean note policy of RBI”?
Me: Once RBI releases currency notes, it wants the public to maintain them clean and not soiled deliberately or wantedly. Nothing should be written on the Currency notes.. (Pause)
M4: One more important thing is there.. related to banks, what is that?
Me: Stapling of currency notes.
M1: Yes, Stapling or ”   “(He used another word for it, I am not able to recollect it)
M1: What are the different kinds of loans?
Me: Demand loans and Term loans.
F1: There is one other important loan, what is it?
Me: (Tried to give answer, but failed and they rejected my answer every time.)
M1: They are overdrafts.
M1: What is the difference between Demand loans and Term Loans?
Me: (Explained shortly) Demand loans are which should be repaid once demanded by the lender. Term loans are the one which should be repaid within a certain period of time.
M3: You missed out a point, try to think about it.
F1: How are term loans re-paid?
Me: (Now i got it) Ok, Sir Term loans are paid in instalments.
M2: And Demand loans?
Me: Demand loans are paid as a Sum at a time.

M4: You may leave now
Me: I thanked everyone in the panel individually and left the interview room.

It went on for around 6 Min(I looked at my watch). I was really disappointed. I felt I did not perform up to the mark. Last year my PO interview went on for around 15 Min and i was atleast hopeful a bit. But now with only 88 questions attempt in mains and disappointing performance in the interview shocked me a lot. Finally friends, its time for me to prepare for IBPS PO VI.
All The Best!!!!!