Date: 25th Jan
Venue: BOM Training center, Nagpur

I will not go into detail of doc verification and all coming to the point directly,5 Panel members, 4M and 1F.

M1- Apne bare me batao.
Ans- Told about my educational qualification, work experience, family.

M1- Dad kya karte hai?
Me- Business hai sir
M1- Kis chiz ka business or stock kahan se lete hai?
Me- Answered
M1- I can see aap ko kafi experience hai kahan work kiya hai and profile kya tha??
Ans: Sir, 1 year eClerx services limited me work kiya hai its a 3rd party KPO and uske baad Deutsche Bank me kiya Investment banking operations me 1.5 years.
M1- Why u left Deutsche Bank??
Me: Sir for better career opportunities and stability.

M1: You have done MBA in finance to batao aap bank me finance ka knowledge kaise use karoge, Subah se sab Engineers aa rhe and they are telling that they are better than any commerce graduate?
Me: Sir, Commerce graduate better way se banking samajh skta hai Debit credit, balance sheet etc.
M1: Wo to koi bhi counter pe baithega to sikh jayega kuch dino me?
Me: Sir, being a finance student agar koi loan application aati hai so use better way se analyse kar sakta hu, Income tax return and financial statements ka knowledge use kar k.
M2: Kaise use karoge,Suppose Ek loan application aayi new business set up karna hai use to kya dekhoge??
Me: Sir uska previous record, Income, project ki feasibility, Expected cost of machinery and equipment.
M2: Finance perspective se kya dekhoge??
Me: (got confused and thinking what to say)
M2: Balance sheet nhi dekhoge kya??
Me: Sir, new set up k liye apply kiya hai to balance sheet to nhi hogi.
M2: Projected balance sheet hoti hai, capital, debt equity ratio ye sab nhi dekhoge and then he asked some ratio(which I heard for the first time in my life) and said suna hai ye? 
Me: I said no sir, I know what is debt equity ratio but ye first time suna.
M1: CIBIL kya hai?
Me: Sir, credit information bureau of india limited. Jitne bhi bank k customers hote hai jo loan lete hai unka sara record hota hai yahan unki credibility check kar skte hai.

M1: Koi bhi check kar skta kya, I mean tum login kar k check kar skte kya CIBIL ki site pe?
Me: Sir, banks kar skte hai but Individual person kar skta hai ya nhi m not sure. 
M2: Achha MBA me kya padha hai?
Me: Sir, Capital market, debt market, stock market kaise function karta hai impact kya hota hai ye sab.
M2: Debt market batao?
Me: Sir its a market where debentures and  bonds are sold company ye instruments se borrow karti hai.

M2: Redeemable debentures kya hai?
Me: Was unable to recall and said sorry sir.
F1: Lok sabha speaker kaun hai?
Me: Thought for a few seconds and said Smt. Sumitra Mahajan
F1: Rajya sabha chairman??
Me: Sorry Ma’am
F1: GST bill pass ho gaya kya, What is GST?
Me: Goods and service tax abhi pass nhi hua hai.
F1: Kahan hai abhi?
Me: I was not sure, So said sorry m not sure

F1: Direct and indirect taxes batao?
Me: Direct taxes are Income tax, Wealth tax and Indirect taxes are service tax, excise duty, VAT, Sales tax.
F1: Swachh bharat cess kitna hai?
Me: Ma’am 0.5%
F1: Itna zyada lagega to barbaad ho jayege.
Me: Ma’am service tax 14% tha pehle abhi cess lagne k baad 14.50% padha tha maine.
M3: Dad ka business hai and most of the people in your community business hi karte hai. Tumhe kyu banking me aana hai and kaun sambhalega business bad me?
Me: I said ki joint family hai sir cousin hai wo sambhalega.
M3: Wo to chhota hai abhi and use bhi job karna hoga to??
Me: Then sir koi nhi karega sales utna nhi hai shop chhoti hai and joint family hai to nhi ho pata itna manage (Though I lied but there was no other option 😉
That’s all, overall it was an average interview. Fingers Crossed 🙂
Name   : Arjun G Santhosh
Place  : Canara Bank, Spencer Junction, Trivandrum
Degree : B Tech in Civil Engineering
Panel  : 2 (4M, 1F)
I went half an hour before at 8 am. Document verification completed by 9.My turn came at 9:45 am.Entered the room n greeted everyone… They asked me to sit down
Q: You have done B tech?
A: Yes Sir, In Civil Engineering
Q: Ok, Tell something about yourself?
A: Told my name, qualification and hobbies. Also mentioned my father is a retired Bank Officer and my brother is a PO in Indian Overseas Bank.
Q: Your father worked with which bank?
A: Indian Bank, Sir
Q: Which Scale?
A: Answered
Q: Coming from a banking family, you must know a lot about banking??
A: I know the basics, Sir
Q: Your account is with, Indian bank or IOB??
A: I told them IOB.
Q: So you chose your brother’s bank over your father’s? (Jokingly)
A: Not like that, Sir. I still have an account in Indian Bank. My father is retired now. So there is not much transactions going on in that account and it must be dormant now.
Q: So, what is a dormant account?
A: When there has been no financial activity for a long period of time, other than posting of interest in an SB or Current Account is termed as Dormant Account
Asked about Priority Sector Lending, PMFBY, Monetary and Fiscal Policy.
Q: You told watching football is your main hobby, which is your favourite team?
A: I told them, I am a Premier league fan and Manchester United is my favourite team.
(That man knows every inch of football and he told has been following the game for 35 yrs. I guess he is a Manchester Utd fan. Asked 6-8 questions in 2-3 minutes)
*Name any 5 Manchester Utd Managers
*Current teams in Relegation zone?
*Reason for your team’s slump in recent time?
*Any reason you started following Manchester United? ….
Q: Director of the film Slumdog Millionaire? (Told watching films as one of my hobbies)
A: Danny Boyle
Q: Last film watched and summarise the story?
A: Told Everest and summarised it.
Q: (Madam entered the scene for the first time) Why you opted Canara Bank as you first preference even though you have close links with IOB and IB?
A: My father worked in IB for over 32 years and I have so many good relations there and somewhat same about IOB. I want a new atmosphere and just want to start new relations. The number of Canara Banks in my state is almost double the second best. Also the lead bank in 5 out of 14 districts. So it was an easy decision to take.
(Madam seems happy) 
M1: You can go now. Please take a chocolate.
This is my interview experience.
Good luck to all …
All The Best!!!!