Date: 23-01-16
Time:1 PM
Panel:2(4M, 1 F)
Name :JeRrY 🙂

1st it was documentation and all that. my turn came at around 3:30 PM

Me: May i come in sir
M1: Please come
Me: Gud afternoon mam, Gud afternoon sir
M2: TaKe ur seat
Me: Thank u sir
M1: Aapne btech kiya hai, toh placement nahi hui?
Me: Sir maine apne 2nd year of college me decide kia tha ki mujhe Apna career banking me hi bnana hai, isliye mene Deliberately placememts attend nahi ki.

M2: Agar 2nd year me hi decided tha toh quit kar dete btech !!
Me: No sir jo cheez start ki hai use poora karna zaroori tha lekin apna focus 1 jagah rakha, MNC join karke waapis aane ka koi matlab nahi banta tha so I choose to focus on banking( lukd satisfied) after completion of btech.
M2: Aapki bank preferences dekh kar nahi lagta aapne zyaada research ki banks k basre me(PNB was not in top 5, CBI 1st)
Me: Sir bachpan se hi mene apne papa k paas CBI ki hi passbook dekhi hai, hmaara account kaafi purana hai.They interrupted So emotional connect hai aapka and they smiled , Gud
M2: Toh NPA kya hai, Types?
Me: Definition btaayi aur types bhi btaa di

M2: GST k baare me btaa sakte ho jo loksabha se pass hua hai?
Me: Yes sir goods and services tax, indirect tax ko simplify karne aur cascading of tax ko rokne ke liye laaya gya hai…he interrupted
M2: GST k baad toh states ko income band nahi ho jaayegi?
Me: No sir States ko unka share milega kyunki GSt me CGST aur SGST alag alag hai
M2: Toh states ko faayda hai is se hai na?
Me:Sir initial losses hai jo center poora karega,He said gud yahi jaan na tha
F1: Make In India ka logo kya hai?
Me: Mechanical tiger.
M2 Ok beta u can go, all the best
Thank u sir
Conclusion:Surprisingly saara interview Hindi me hua. so language doesn’t matter,Sach bolo toh koi nahi fasa sakta kisi bhi answer me.
Name: Anant Verma
The President Hotel
Time: 8:30
It was already 11:45 till my document and bio-metric verification was completed. I was escorted to the Interview Room and at last the bell rang for me and I went in.
I entered:The scenario—–4 male 1 female…..The female interviewer was not looking at me….The Centre one was looking at me and the rest were busy in their own work.Good Morning Sir…they indicated me to sit down…they were not willing me to give time to wish all of them…but I wished Gm to all of them including the maam at the right corner.(Centre one indicated me to take seat)
Thank you…(while taking my seat)
M1: So you did Engineering??
Me: Yes Sir, from this branch in this year.
M1: And then you did MBA??
Me: Yes Sir, from Bangalore,  Branch Marketing
M1: What was the reason of this gap between B tech & MBA?
Me: Explained them the real reason…and they were satisfied with it as no question came on this topic after my answer.
M2: Why you want to be in Banking Sector whereas you can easily find a job in Pvt Sector?
Me: I told them the reason which was pretty unique as it was totally my answer(spontaneous answer).The panel seemed to be satisfied with the answer too,and no more cross questioning came from the answer. (Give your own answers…make them unique….they dont want to listen mugged up explanations)
M1: How will you use your Marketing knowledge in Banking?
Me: Told them the answer starting from the root of Marketing to and what I can do for the betterment of Banks via my knowledge.
(Answer took almost 2-3 minutes and I still think I could have answered it better)

M1: What is the difference between Sales & Marketing?
Me: Was fully prepared for the question,its a basic question after all,answered them properly,Panel was satisfied.
M1: Do you think a Salesman should know Marketing?
Me: Of course Sir,( Gave them the reason).
M2:Who is the Father of Marketing????
I dont know who put this question forward but I was not ready for it…how can I forget to revise this
Me: philip kotler, Mr. Philip Kotler is known as the Father of Marketing Sir. (spontaneous answer)
Female Interviewer was busy with her mobile till now as I maintained eye contact with every person.
M3: Suppose you are the Branch Manager of Kotak Mahindra and you see counters of various Banks and their customers in their respective lines, what will you do so that they leave there Bank and come over to your Bank??
Me: Answered them and related it with Marketing
M3: OK,Now you are a Branch Manager of PNB…your course of action now?
Me: Answered again relating with Marketing

M3: OK,Now you are a BM of any other bank XYZ,your action plan now??
Me: Answered them and he kept narrowing my options,at last I had to say Sir I will offer them attractive interest rates and more facilities like overdraft,make his feel special by offering better experiences in Bank.
M3: But interest rates are already fixed by RBI,how will you do that?
Me: Before I could answer him that RBI fixes the Base Rate below which no Bank can lend to their customers but slight variations can be done…I was interrupted.
F1: Do you know what is Inflation?
Me: Yes Maam….( in my mind I am ready for the question about Inflation now)
F1: What are the instruments that RBI uses to control Inflation?
Me: Maam, these are the steps taken by the RBI and they come under its Monetary Policy….and told them the answer.
F1: What is SLR?
Me: Told them and told them why Banks maintain SLR too.
F1: What is the CRR Rate?
Me: Maam 4%
F1: The rate?
Me: Maam the Interest Rate or CRR Rate?
F1: CRR Rate
Me: 4% Maam….M1 told F1..He answered 4%.
M2: Have you seen a cheque?
Me: yes..
M2: Number of parties involved in a cheque?
Me: Sir, 3
M2: Name them
Me: Sir, Drawer…Drawee & Payee
M2: Who is a Drawer??
Me: Since I was confused over this…I made an unsuccessful attempt to which they offered me another try.
Me: Sir I am confused and I dont want to make wild guesses..may be after selection and working in Bank I will never forget this…
They did not give any expression
M4: What are your top choices in Preference List?
Me: Sir, ECGC & EXIM Banks.
M4: Reason?
Me : Told them what I felt was the reason…(good salary and urban posting were not the points I mentioned).
M4: What do you know about ECGC Bank tell me?
Me: Answered whatever knowledge I gathered,he could not put up any question from my answer…instead export insurance gave him a chance of asking the next question.
M4: You want to go in Insurance Sector?
Me: No Sir.
M4: What do you know about EXIM Bank?
Me: I started to tell but then he interrupted me and started telling you will do this and that…everything was coming from him…I was silent…He said you will increase exports and imports both…in the heat of the moment I fumbled and said yes sir…to which everyone started smiling and  the environment became a bit lighter.

Me: Sorry for the fumble Sir (with a smile)
M4: OK,tell me what is GDP?
Me: Explained with definition,Suddenly…a shoot…
M2: What is Customer Satisfaction?
Me: Explained them in easy words,but made a tiny mistake….realised this as soon as the next question was asked.
M1: What is Customer Delight then?
(In my mind I thanked God that he asked this question ans gave me a chance to rectify my answer)
Me: Told them in easy words and to rectify my previous answer I gave an example….I said Sir if a customer wants a bread and we provide him bread i.e we match his expectations is called customer satisfaction and if we provide him bread with butter then it is customer delight…!!!
As soon as they heard this…all of them started smiling…!!
You may leave now..!!!!
Me: Sir, over?
M2: You may leave now..!!
Me: Thank you Sir
M2: Have Sweets..!!!
Me : NO Sir, thank you Sir
M2: Have sweets…!
Me: Thank You Sir
Have a Good Day Sir
(Forgot to wish bye to Maam) It took almost 15 mins or so…but it seemed as if it took only 5 minutes to me.I dont know what will happen…praying to God….the last hope..!!!
All The Best!!!!