Name- Abhishek Srivastava
Date- 27/01/16
Time- 8:30 am
Venue- Hotel Grand JBR, Lucknow
Panel- 1

I was the sixth person to be interviewed in my panel in morning session. Document Verification was hassle free. Biometric done. Hardly I waited for 10 minutes after document verification, I was called for interview. My interview started at 10 am. There were 4 male and 1 female member.When I entered, the lady has gone somewhere. I greeted all the members. They asked me to sit down. Whole interview was in Hindi.
M1 (Chairman of Panel)- Kaha se hain aap ?
Me: Lucknow
M1: Lucknow me kaha se?
Me: Told
M1: Aapne dedh saal job ki hai. Job kyun chhori ?
Me: Told
M1: Father kya karte hain?
Me: Told
M1: Other Family members?
Me: Told about mother and two elder sisters. (One sister is working as a bank po in PNB)

M2: Sister kaha posted hain ?
Me: Told
M1: Who is president of China?
Me: Told
M1: Why China was recently in news?
Me: Told about South China Sea issue. Then told about Devaluation of Chinese currency.

M1: Isse kya hoga ?
Me: Told it will help exporters.
M1: How?
Me: Sorry Sir I do not know very deep.

M1: What is currency of China?
Me: Yuan

M1: No its not
(I said yen.. no sir it’s Japanese currency.. Sir it’s yuan)
M1 nodded in No, May be he wanted to listen official currency name : Renminbi (ghar pe aake internet pe pata chala :P)
M1: What are your strength and weaknesses ?
Me: My strength is Assertiveness. Sometimes I become rude when someone interrupts in my work.

M2: Ye to weakness hui, Customer aaega , aap kam kar rahe hoge, aap rudely reply kar doge.
Me: No Sir, Customer is God.
(M2 wasn’t convinced)

M1: And Weakness ?
Me: I am a foodie.
M1: Aapki posting waha ho jae jaha khana achha nahi milta. Aap kya karogey ?
Me: Sir I’ll manage. Main khana bana leta hu. (lied confidently :p)
M1: Aapne clerk diya hai ?
Me: Sir, I do not want to settle for less. I think I have officer like capabilities, so I want to become an officer.
M2: Government has recently launched a interest payment scheme apart from regular banking. Interest rate is fixed about 2.5 % . What is that ?
Me: Gold Monetisation Scheme
M2: Isme kya hota hai ?
Me: Told
M3: Hum tie kyun lagate hain ?
Me: To look decent

M3: There is something like AD and BC.
Me: Sir May be, Jesus Christ ke samman mein
M3: Ha, samman mein nahi unki yaad mein.
Then they said thank you. I wished them Good day and came out. Hoping for the best. 

Name: Vibhu Sharma 
Place: Kanpur, President Hotel 
Panel : 3 
Date :23/1/16 
Documentation done at 2:45 , my turn came at 3:25 , 4M, 1F. question askd . 
M1: Speak about urself for 2 min?
Me: Explained
M2: Tell about World Bank n Headquarter n functions?
Me: Explained 

M3: Job profile of Po?
Me: Explained 

M4: What is probation period?
Me: Explained

F1: Diff types of A/c?
Me: Explained 
F1: Diff b/w current n saving a/c?
Me: Explained 

M2: Interest rate on R/D n F/D?
Me: Explained 

M3: One deep question on R/D. 
Me: Explained
PAnel was very coperative , hoping for Good marks, fingure crossed fr 1 April.

All The Best!!!