Real name – Sandher 
Venu: Uco bank c-2 ashok nagar, bbsr.
Time: 8am 
There were 5 members 4 male 1 female.  My doc verification finished at 11.45 , I waited for 2.5 hours and at 2.30 my interview started.. I entered by saying.
Me: May I come in please.
M1: Yes, pls come in 

M1:Tell us something about Yourself in short?
Me:Said my name, place and academics. 
M1:Then why banking after enginnering?
Me:Due to recession in core sector, banking gives gud career growth opportunities.
M1: What is the difference between psb and nationalized banks?
Me: Ans said it but answer was not very accurate.
M2: Tell me about one topic which you like for 1 minute
Me: Answered

F1: Difference between NEFT and RTGS?
ME: Answered

M3: Why bob and pnb on top preference?
Me: Ans I answered in giving some point like more branches and better chances.

M4: E commerce and which the biggest company?
ME: Answered

M4: What are  ecgc n exim and their work?

F1: What are the use of A.T.M
Me: Ans explained briefly.

M2: One mechanical question.
Me: Anserwed
M4: What is infrastructure?
Me: Buildings, roads. Alright Thank you .And u can go now. 
All the best!!!