Name : Prashant Pandey

Date Of interview : 28th January 2016
Venue : Bank of India, Staff Training College, Noida Sec 62
Time : 8:30 am
Panel : IX

Friends, the preparation for the interviews started the day when Interview Call Letters were released by the IBPS. I would like to tell you that I have also appeared for the last year interview and in this 1 year I have found many changes in myself. When a candidate gets selected for the interview, the whole family sarts preparing. From attire to certificates, everything should be taken care of. Now coming to today’s event, I reached the venue a bit late. My turn was second in the panel and here the interview starts.

Me: May I Come in Sir?
Panel: Yes, Please.

Me (Entered the room and softly closed the door behind)

Chairman: Please be seated.
Me: Thank You Sir.
Chairman: Pandey Ji, kaafi achhe lag rahe ho.
Me: Completely shocked (As no one ever said that to me) and said Thank You Sir.
Chairman: Ham aapko kya bole, Pandey ya Pandey Ji (In a funny way)?
Me: Sir, jo aapko achha lage kyonki mere dost yahi bulate hain and first name rarely koi leta hai.

Chairman: Okay, fir ham aapko Pandey Ji bolenge.
Me: Ji sir.

Chairman: Ghar me kaun kaun hai?
Me: Sir, mere parivar me 4 log hain. Papa, Mammi, Chhoti Behen and Main.
Chairman: Papa kya karte hain?
Me: Sir, mere papa Ex-Serviceman hain and currently he is working in Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited as Assistant Signal and Telecom Engineer.

Chairman: Bahut achha hai. Vaise abhi DMRC ke chairman kaun hain?
Me: Sir, currently DMRC ke chairman Shri Madhusudan Prasad hain and Managing Director Dr. Mangu Singh hain.

Chairman: Achha Pandey Ji, aapne 2011 pe B.Tech kiya tha. Uske baad ab tak kya kya kiya?
Me: Explained them each and everything about my work experience (I have Worked for Wipro)

Chairman: Achha Pandey Ji, hamare Pradhan Mantri ne shapath lene ke baad kaafi saari schemes launch ki hain, kya aap naam bata sakte hain?
Me: Yes Sir. Pradhan Mantri ne financial inclusion se le ke social security ke liye kaafi saari schemes launch ki hain. Schemes ke naam hain Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Suraksha Bima Yojna, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Yojna, Atal Pension Yojna and Start Up India and Stand Up India.

Chairman: Achha Pandey ji, apni strengths and weaknesses batayein.
Me: Sir meri strengths hain ki I can entertain group of peoples. I can crack jokes and I can sing. And as far as my weaknesses are concerned, I can’t resist whenever I see Mithayi.

Chairman: Vaise Pandey ji, aapki ek aur strength hai..
Me: I got confused
Chairman: You have got smiling face.

Chairman: Vo toh aapko dekh ke lagta hai (as I am a bit healthy) and everybody shared some smiles.
Now, chairman asked another panelist to ask questions. The person seemed quite studious type and he was ready with readymade Banking questions.
M1: What are NBFCs?
Me: Sir, NBFC is Non Banking Financial Companies and their financial activities are quite different than banks.
M1: Name any NBFC.
Me: Sir, Life Insurance Corporation is one of the major example of NBFC.
M1: How do they make profit?
Me: I am sorry sir, I don’t know (I said no to save myself from further trouble because the person was asking in a rapidfire mode and unlike Chairman).
M1 (Its okay and he asked Sardar Ji to ask questions)

Sardar Ji: Achha beta ji, aapne jokes toh suna hoga, like Kejriwal pe, Modi Ji pe, Ladies pe, Sardaron pe etc. Chalo ek joke sardaron par sunao.
Me: I smiled and said, I am sorry sir, main nahi suna paunga (Chairman interupted and said ki beta Santa Banta wale hi suna do). But I resisted myself and kept on smiling and the panel was kept on pushing. Somehow I managed to save myself.

But Sardar Ji continued with more questions and asked ki Defence chiefs ke naam batao.
Me: Sir, defence Chiefs ke naam hain General Dalbir Sing Suhag, Air Chief Marshall Arup Raha, and RK Dhowan (Went Blank for head of navy but they corrected Admiral RK Dhowan)

Sardar Ji: Achha, koi 3 Pandey Ji ka naam batao jo apne field me famous hain.
Me: Sir Mangal Pandey (A Freedom Fighter) and I became quite. The Chairman pushed and said ki abhi Cricket me koi aaya hai naya then I said Manish Pandey. I was about to say Poonam Pandey but stopped. Sardar Ji said it’s okay.
Sardar Ji: Achha, Cricket me koi 3 record tute hain, tumhe yaad hai?
Me: Ek toh Sir, Adelaid me koi bhi team batting first T20 nahi jeeti thi and Virat Kohli bhi fastest scoring cricketer bane hain.
Sardar Ji: Achha Pandey Ji, parso kisi ko koi chakra mila hai?
Me: Haan sir, Postumously mila hai but couldn’t tell the name.
Chairman: Pandey Ji, you may go now (Extending his hand for Handshake)
Me: I shaked hand and 

Friends, the experience is meant to break all the myths you have created on your own. If you observe, all the questions are interconnected. Every question was based on whatever I said. So friends, It’s you who drive the interview and if you let them drive, then it may turn into blunder. I was confident throughout and fumbled many times in between, but the chairman kept supporting me. I don’t know whether I will be selected or not, but I have the satisfaction that I performed well.
All The Best!!!!