25 Jan – President Hotel, Kanpur
Afternoon shift – 1:00 (verification completed by 3:30 and my turn came at around 4:20 pm)
As I entered the room, with a decent smile on my Face I wished all panel members Good Evening.. 

M1- Good evening beta .. Please have a seat
Me- Thank you Sir 🙂
M3- Swati, How many alpha-numeric numbers are there in total in a PAN card?
Me- Sir not sure, then counted and then told them.It’s around 10.. Sir
M3- Yes right
M3- While going through my application form, Ye financial management ka kaun sa degree liya hai apne?
Me- Sir, after MBA in marketing, I took an additional certificate course in Financial Management from symbiosis.It a correspondence course.

M3- Ok,hmmm
M3- Ye batao Marketing & Sales me kya difference hai?
Me- Properly explained it.
M5- What is the difference between DD & Cheque?
Me- Explained well
M3- Why do we prepare Trial Balance.?
Me- Explained but my answer was not upto expecting but Sir was very nice.. he explained me well. I said OK & Thanked him for explaining it.
M3- Ye Accounting me 3 Golden rules/ account hote hain, Pata hai kya?
Me- Yes Sir & explained well..(about Real/ Personal/ Nominal accounts)

M3- Acha ye Anytime, Anywhere banking kya hoti hai?
Me- Explained it, (all about online banking / atm uses / Mobile banking)

M3- Apke papa kya krte hai, What kind of business, Are you from Delhi, Your father maintain account in which bank?
Me- Answered all questions

M3- Oh apne 2013 or 2014 me bhi diya tha ye exam?
Me- Yes sir in 2013 I couldn’t clear cut off & in 2014 cleared written & interview but couldn’t make it to the final merit list..

M3- So iska matlab, progress to hui hai. Good Good.. is saal bhi honi chahiye progress..
Me- Ji Sir. . Koshish to poori ki hai better karne ki is baar
M3- Hmmmmm….. with a smile , Ok beta.. ho gaya.. you can go now..
All panel members finally wished me luck & I thanked them..& came out of the room !!
Last year when my interview didnt went well, I scored – 58 out of 100 in Interview
This time my interview was much much better than last year. Hope to get a better score

Date 27th jan 2016
8.30 am
Panel 1
Venue uco bank, bbsr
Name lopa My turn came at 1pm and interview lasted for about 15mins. Total 5 members in the panel including 1 female.
I asked for permission and entered the room.

M1 (head): Asked introduction? (No hobbies, strengths n weaknesses)
Me: Answered

M2: What is electricity?
Ans: Ans ( btech in eee 2011 passout)

M3: Why you left infosys? ( 3 yrs exp, left in 2014 nov)
Me: Answered
M2: Work details and tools used?
Me: Explained
M1: Have you visited puri, tell about DashaAvatar in order?
Me: Told till 7 avatars.( M1 happily interrupted n told kk u know den)

M3: pmfby?
Me: Explained well
M3: CAD?
Me: Explained well
F1: Rbi and its functions.
Me: Explained.
M1:Schemes in msme sector?
Me: Explained about tadf , sfurti and pmegp
M3: Scripts used in sw testing
Ans: Explained wid examples
Overall a nice exp. Hope the things should go well in the long run. Fingers crossed for the d-day.
All The Best!!!!