Name: J Star(BA name)
Venue : PNB Regional office, Sector 17B Chandigarh.
Qualification: B.Tech (ECE)
Panel 2, 8:30 Am
Date: Jan 25,2016

Panel comprised of 5 members 4 sir, 1 ma’am(M1 M2 M3 M4 & F1)
This was a 7 minute conversation. They didn’t ask even 1 question related to Banking After greetings they asked me to have a seat.

M1: Introduce yourself?
Me: Explained in brief

M1: What is RJ-45?
Me: Sir it is alternate name of Ethernet Cable.

M1: What are its applications?
Me: Computer interconnections like broadband & Telephone.

M2: Yesterday (on 24th jan) a personality from France came to our city Chandigarh, Do you Know who is he, and why he decided to come to Chandigarh First?
Me: I said his name is Francois Hollande. But I didn’t know why he came Chandigarh.

M3: Is he PM or President of France?
Me: He is PM(I was wrong this time) He said ok

M4: How many cables are there in a Coaxial Cable?
Me: sir two, One mesh & main copper cable.

F1: You have studied ECE, Right?
Me: Yes ma’am

F1: Explain PRJ?
Me: Sorry ma’am I didn’t study this term before.

F1: You have secured A grade in this subject and you are saying you don’t know about it?
Me: I was silent this time.

M4: What are the other options available in market through one can save his/her money except banking channels?
Me: NSCs, Shares, T bills, (I am still not sure about this)

M1: Who is current RBI governor?
Me: Raghuram Govind Rajan

M1: Ok , thank you

27 jan 2016.
8.30 am.

Turn came at 12,wished all and entered,lil nervous.

M1: Give introduction?
Me: Explained

F1: You are from jharkhand, how many district are there?
Me: 33 (wrong)

M2: Tell us places to visit about dhanbad and why its famous?
Me : Given little incite

F1: Asked about previous name of dhanbad?
Me : wasseypur

M2 : koi movie ayi thi…
Me: Gangs of wasseypur and sb btaya movie ka.

M3: How can state governmentt control inflation?
Me: Regulation of indirect taxes.

M2: Any other way?
Me: No idea sir

M3: How can Ministry of finance regulate inflation on stand alone basis…?
Me: sir i know it can with help of rbi..but stand alone basis i dont know much.

F1. what happend in ranchi, about flag?
Me: Defence minister flag hosting

M2: Where in ranchi..temple or defence house.
Me: Shayad temple.

F1: Mam was from jharkhand, she said temple.

M2: Why toor dal prices high?
Me : i said black marketing hoarding,(raifall utar gya dimaag se.

M1: What can you do to improve condition of punjab and what are the problems there?
Me: Drugs,Unemployment,Agricultural problem,and to improve job creation..boost to Manufacturing sector( all answrd in detail)

F1: Where are you from punjab?
Me: Hosiyarpur

M3: Since you are sikh,what is khalsa?
Me: Expalined in detail

F3: Bas beta bas…. acha ye btao how will you deal with customer?
Me: Mam work with mind and wear heart on face and work for the betterment of customer keeping our own resources undercontrol.

M2: Give an example,how will do that?
Me: Explained with a telephonic conversation example and said…we need to keep a dual understanding and a neutral point of view.

F2. If some one takes a loan of 1 crore in dhanbad and later you find he cant pay,what will u do?
Me: lok adalat

F1: What does your father do and what do you do now?
Me: Answered

M3: If given posting in dena bank jalandhar,will u go?
Me: Of course sir i ll go.

On the all my energy was high.I answred with confidence and smile.If i didnt knew i apologized..with smile.Fingers crossed.
Hope for the best.
Better and better
For 8-10 mins approx…n some question i have forgotten!!

All The Best!!!!