Name: Shashank
Loc: BoM,Pune
Panel 1
Time: 1pm
Then i had tea ,But started at 2.15pm
Mains attempt: 108 OBC

5 members in Panel -1 lady(always smiling) 4 male.Document verification completed at 12.45pm.Entered in room at 2.15pm
Me: May i come in ?
M1: yes come in shashank

Me: Good afternoon mam, good afternoon all of you
M1: Have a sit
Me: Thank you sir
M1: Shashank ?
Me: Yes sir

M1: Born and brought up in Malegaon,Nashik ?
Me: Yes sir.
M1: What is famous in Malegaon?
Me: Malegaon was previously famous for handloom but now handlooms are replaced by machines,Film industry in Malegaon is also famous

M1: (surprisingly) What is film industry?
Me: Sir many film are made in Malegaon. Malegaon ka superman was one of the best film which got many awards at international level
Lady: Who was superman ?
Me: local actor
Lady : Ohh nice
Me:  All actors ,directors, producers are from Malegaon
M2: low budget films?
Me: Yes sir
Lady: Panch cheh lakh budget hoga
Me: 500-600 lakh?
Lady: No 5-6 lakh
Me: less than 5-6 lakh
M4: That’t nice
M1: You did btech ,mtech ,then why you want to join banking sector ?
Me:  I can best use my knowledge and abilities which i acquired while pursuing btech and mtech in banking sector
M1: But you can use it in professional companies also?
Me: Banking is fastest growing sector, Banking is bloodline of economy.
M1: But economy does not just depend on banking sector?
Me: Banks play a major role in economy.
He was satisfied

M1: Ok shashank,Tell me ur hobbies?
Me: Watching movies, reading books, travelling to different places and know how people live their and how is their culture.

M1: (unexpected question) which place you visited recently ?
Me: Ichalkaranji (maharashtra)

M1: What was ur intention?
Me: I have heard about textile industry there, so wanted to know how it works
Most household there run loom in their houses, and they do not need to promote their product..
(while answering this i was stumbled a lot they told me to speak in Marathi and i said thank you sir and continued my answer)
M1: What is difference you found between Malegaon and ichalkaranji ?
Me: (In marathi)Malegaon has gone behind in this loom industry. But ichalkranji is far ahead in textile ,almost every house run that business
M1: Tell me your family background?
Me: Told

M2: Hard work or luck ?
Me: Hardwork, If you work hard ,success is urs.

M2: Means there is no luck thing?
Me: No sir

M2: What about labours who work hard? (Smiling)
Me: smiled..little but luck factor is there but hard work and smart work can leads u to success.
M2: What is smart work ?
Me: If there are many ways to solve a problem ,and choosing best way is smart work.
M2: What if unlucky and doesn’t get job
Me: sir i have worked hard and will definitely get it .
Lady: What are the problems faced by farmers currently ?
Me:Firstly, from last two years, irregularity in rain is biggest problem.Then there are very good govt schemes are available for them but those do not reach to them,like currently crop insurance scheme is good for farmers.Then farmers do not have knowledge about modern agriculture practices.
Lady: Can you make them aware about this?
Me: Yes mam

M4: What is function of NABARD in one line?
Me: Small industries related to farming.
(This is where i lost in this interview, i don’t know where my brain was ,in knee or something)

M3: What is plastic card?
Me: Sorry sir i can’t remember
M3: ATM card?
Me: It is used to withdraw money from banks account.
M3: Smiling what is it made up of ?
Me: Plastic,sorry sir,ATM is plastic card
All laughed
Thank you shashank   , all the best
Me: Thank you, have a nice day
Last question took my post away from me.But still little bit hope is there..Let’s see what happens,

All the best!!!

Date : 27/01/2016
Venue : united towers, united bank of India headquarters kolkata
Reporting time – 8.30
Panel iv
Hi everyone, 
This was my first ever banking interview. I reached there at 8 am and we were called in for document verification at 8.30 sharp. My number was 16 and I had to sit for 30 minutes before bio metric and verification. Verification was done successfully. Then my turn came at 11.30 am. I entered into the room Panel was contained five people (4 male and 1 female).
Me: May I come in sir?
Panel : yes come in ( I wished them good morning( they replied and told Me to sit)
M1: So, you are from dumdum, Kolkata, so tell the importance of your place?
Me – Answered
M2: Your name resembles with a celebrity and what does he do?
Me- Told ( my name is Shantanu maitra :p)
M1: Tell us what is share and debenture?
Me- Answered but they are not satisfied.
M1 : Well I is shown that you are a govt.Employee of west Bengal,then tell me the name of the speaker if legislative assembly? Who is the minister of your department ( as I  working at forest dept. So he asked about that)?
Me : Answered

M1: Who is the chairman of niti ayoge and who is the vice chairman?
Me : Answered properly.

F1: Tell me what is crossed cheque?
Me: Answered( some cross questions about that).
M2 : You mentioned section 13 of ni act.. What is that?
Me : Answered
M2: What are bill of exchange in respect to banks? 
Me: Sorry sir I don’t have in depth idea.

M3: What is Partnership Account?
Me: Sorry sir.

M3: Tell the types of accounts,Who can open current account?
Me: Answered and he  seems to be satisfied.
M4 : OK tell me what us standard asset?
Me: Answered properly.
M4: What is bad loan?
Me: Answered properly and he said good at the end.
Overall the interview exp is good. Panel members are helpful indeed.People who are left do concentrate on banking basics and a little bit who’s who in their surroundings. That will work well. All the best to all candidates.
All The Best!!!