Interview experience: Rohtak(Haryana)
I reached at 1:00 pm.after document verification.. My no came at 1:20pm
4 men and 1 yound lady were there.

Me: May I come in?

M1: Yes
Good Afternoon Mam & Sirs.
M1: Tell me about yourself?
Me: Told
M1:What is N.P.A?
Me: Told
Mam: History related que like SSC que exam?
Me: I told her I don’t know about history.
Mam: Capital of India & Nepal?
Mam:You have only bookish knowledge.
Me :Yes mam
After that 
M2:What is unsecure loan?
Me:Told in banking.
Interrupted me asked me about company
Me :I know only about banking.
M2: What is Quasi assets?
Me : Sorry sir
M2: What is contiguous assets?
Me: Told
M2: What is the difference between bill discount and bills for recover?
Me: Told
M3: What is memorandum of association?
Me: Told
M3: What is mention in moa?
Me: Told

M3: What is article of association,what is mention in it?
Me: Told

M3: What is break even point.
Me : Told
M3: What is the different between preference share and equity shares?
Me: Told
M3: What is contingent liability?
Me: Told
M4: Illegal money?
Me: Told.
Interview was average.. Let see what will be happen.OK guys.Best of luck for your future..
Name-Saurav Anand
Disqus name-Shehzaada saurav
My interview’s duration was of almost 15 minutes.
Entered and wished all of them calmly.

M4-Hello Saurav, Tell me the meaning of your name?
Me-Sir, it’s fragrance.
M2-Okay,so the basic question,being an engineer,why banking?
Me-Sir,the very first thing is where almost 25 lakh students are competing for a post, there must be something to which anyone will obviously give a try.
Secondly,i’ve been placed in a company but didnt got joining letter yet. So how could that company give me a job security if they aren’t in need of us.
M2-Good one.So why didnt u go for SO exam?
Me-Sir i have just given SBI SO and i’m looking forward to give IBPS SO.
M3-You are 2015 passout, so are prepared enough to join a bank?
Me-Sir, i am good in quant, reasoning and english and i’m working on to improve my general knowledge.
M1- Tell me about fiscal deposit.
Me- Answered.
M1- What is BIS?
Me- Told only the full form of it
M3- Types of accounts?
Me- Answered
M3- Tell me different types of schemes or yojana launched?
Me- Told 3-4 schemes.

M4- Do u read newspaper?Today’s headline
Me- Told them yesterdays headline.
And the last question was regarding my hobbies.At last they offered me a chocolate,and wished me good luck.
All The Best!!!!