Education : BE Computer Science
Venue : Tagore public school, Jaipur
Time : 8:30 ( interview conducted at 11:15)
Work experience : 1 year as graduate software engineer 

Below are the questions that were asked
M1: father’s occupation?
Me: Explained
M2: Weaker section lending ( not the same as Priority Sector Lending)?
Me: Explained
M1: Kisan credit card?
Me: Explained
M4: Chairman/director of ADB?
Me: Explained
M3: How many awardees for Padma Vibhusan on the Republic Day?
Me: Explained
M1: How many female recepients?
Me: Said Sorry Sir
M4: Schemes for Rural Upliftment?
Me: Explained ,but not satisfied
F1: MICR and CTS?
Me: Explained
M1: Gross vs Net NPA?
Me: Explained
M3: Current Account deficit?
Me: Explained

M1: Highest NPA for which PSB as of September2015, Name 5 banks with highest NPA?
Me: Explained
F1: Which is the lead bank of Alwar ( as I am from Alwar and I had given PNB as 1st preference ) 
Me : PNB

M3: What is Bancasurrance, Why do banks do it?
Me: Explained
M4: One question on types of accounts… But was asked in a twisted form?
Me: I told about CASA , FD and RD
F1: What is Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana?
Me: Explained

M4: What do I prefer.. Work in a metrocity or rural area ?
Me: Told
Nothing on my engineering background or job . No HR questions also. They asked me what have I prepared and I told Banking basics and Current affairs… so the entire interview was based on that only I guess.
First of all thanks a lot Career power and Harish sir for great interview guidance.
Name – Abhinav Awasthi
Venue- Noida Sec-62
Date and Time- 28/01/2016 8:30 AM, Panel- VI
I am not going in to the details of biometric and Document Verification. Everything was in place and process was going very smoothly.
Lets come to the INTERVIEW
There were 5 people in the panel. M1,F1,M2(Chairman),M3,M4.I entered in to the room greeted them , M2 offered me seat.
M2: So Mr Awasthi, Tell us about yourself?
Me: Told
M2: You have completed your Btech in 2013, tell us your journey from 2013 to till date?
Me: Told about my job and banking preparation.
M2:Why banking?
Me: Told
M2: Growth opportunities are also there in private sector, He gave example of Indira nooyi?
Me: Justified my answer

M2: What do u think every PO will become GM one day?
Me: Sir in all the cases may be this is not possible but in my case I m going to utilize each and every opportunity of growth that will be given by my bank.
M4: In 2016 in which states there are election?
Me Assam, West Bengal, Punjab
M3: What is NPA?
Me : Told

M3: Can there be NPA in a organization other then banks?
Me : Yes sir
M3: How?
Me: If a employee is sitting idle , he is not working in his full strength. He is a NPA.
M3 and M2 simaltaneously said Exactly
M2: That’s what I want to listen
M2: Ok abhinav I have enjoyed talking to u, wish u all d best. U may go now
Me: Thank you sir
Interview was purely in English. Not a single word of Hindi.
All The Best!!!