Name:  Pasión de viajar
Time: 1:00 PM
Venue: Bank of India staff training college,sector 62
Panel: 1 and mera no bhi 1st hi tha

Timming 1:00 PM se thi but by 1 document verification bhi ho gyi and my turn came around 1:10.There were 5 members in the panel. 4 gents & a lady,Mera no aate hi chairman ki ghanti baj gyi :p (uske cellphone ki ghanti) aur wo bahar chala gya and uske aane tak introduction part ho gya tha.

M2: Tell us about yourself..where are u from..ur qualification and at present what are u doing?
Me : Apna introduction de diya …and told them at present I am preparing for bank exams
M2: Interrupted  and asked are u preparing only for banking exam to maine bhi bta diya yes sir
M2: Good
M2: Itni achi qualification ke baad banking mai kyu?
Me: Btana shuru kiya ki  banks mai growth opportunities and blah blah…and they interrupted and asked ki kuch aur btao ..and I told them ki bank employee ki transfer alag alag location mai hoti hai (hobby mai bhi btaya tha ki nayi -2 jagah jaana)  to different logo ke sath interaction hoga …and so so …and bank managerial job hai …direct interaction with customers so communication skills enhance ho jaati hai…kaise baat karni hai logo se  ye cheez improve kar sakte hai n in short banking job mai overall personality ko improve karti hai  
M1: Kya padhke aaye ho?
Me: Basic banking , FI, RBI, Govt schemes etc..
M1: Bank ke kya function hai?
Me: Told them about various functions of bank…jo sabne rate hote hai..

M3: Cross question kiya,ki bank ke ye function hai to RBI ka kya kaam hai phir…RBI ke pass kiska account hota hai?
Me: Told functions of RBI and RBI maintains account of Commercial banks and doesn’t deal with general public.
M1: Good
One question was about Development bank. Kuch cross questioning hui and they asked about function of SIDBI, NABARD.
Me:  Development banks se related saari khani bta di  …they looked satisfied and said very good.
M2: With the increasing technology in banks,u will not get much interaction with people…plss justify ur comment?
Me: Told…& they little bit satisfied
F1: NPA ke bare mai pucha…n reason for NPA?
Me: NPA ki saari khani bta di …n reason btaye ki Low credit rating waale bando ko loan dena, kisi bande ki capability se jyada loan dena.

F1: Cross question hua ki kisi bande ko uski requirement se kam loan diya jaye to kya NPA ho sakta hai?
Me: I said yes..if he doesn’t pay it back.
M3: Cross question aaya ki kya hoga ki agar use kam loan diya jayee?
Me: Btane ka try kiya but he wasn’t satisfied …
M3 : Dobara pucha ki agar bande ko uski requirement se jyada loan diya jaaye to kya hoga?
Me: Btaya ki wo usko misuse karega …

M1: Yes …yehi ans chahiye tha…n kam ke case mai bhi yehi hoga?
Me: Yes sir..agar kam diya jaaye to wo apni requirement ko pura nahi kar paayega …aur uske liye loan kisi kaam ka nahi rhega…ya phir wo baaki paise kisi money lender se lega n ho sakta hai bank ke paise wapis na kar paaye.

M1: Good beta.
M1 ne Panel members   se pucha ki kuch aur puchna hai …n sabne kaha ki unka ho gya
M1: That’s all you can go now..all the best.
Me: Thnk u sir
Interview last for 10-12 mns.Apni taraf se to sab ache se btaya…ab Baaki result aane pe pta chlega

Name : XYZ
Loc : IOB(RO),Coimbatore ,TN
Time : 1 p.m
Panel : 1

I’m 2012 BE IT passed out. Worked 8 months in Accenture,Bangalore and then left the job,2 yrs gap after that.Document verification over by 12:15 p.m.Interview Started at 4 (4 – 4:15).3 Male member and 1 Female

Me:Good Afternoon Madam.Good Afternoon Sir.

M2: So you are from karur?
Me: Yes sir.

M3: Tell me about your family?
Me: Told

M1: What  is your qualification? what were you doing all these years after graduation?
(Asked year wise. Reason for leaving the previous company..They didn’t dig much)

M2:Ok XYZ,What is the difference between rocket and satellite
Me:few seconds I was blinking..my head is full of banking terms.Then answered like Rocket is the launching vehicle for satellite..then don’t know what to say further.

M2: Answer like a communication student?
Me: I just smiled. nd dragged like Sir..(my inner voice:you are dead)

M1: Ok XYZ how do you categorize bank?Don’t want the usual classification.
Me: I started with scheduled..non-scheduled

M1:That’s usual..not that
Me:Psb and pvt

M1: Not that..let me help you with one..Commercial bank?
Me: yes sir..1)commercial bank
2)Developmental bank

M1:Good.one more is there first tell me the differnce between two, their purpose, example

M1:One more type is there try answering it.
Me:I was thinking

M1:It’s mainly used in rural areas.
Me:I told RRB

M1:That’s also commercial  bank
Me:[Clicked]Co-operative bank

M1:Yes,tell me about it

M3: Now recently one bank is formed by Asian Countries.what is that?
Me: BRICS bank sir.

M3:It’s formed by BRICS nations..what is the name?
Me:[I was bitconfused whether they were asking about AIIB]Told them like New Development Bank

M3: No
Me:Immediately I told about AIIB

M3:Yes,what is the purpose they started?
Me:I told many things like to provide financial assistant to asian countries..everything.

M3:No..Let me change the question like this..what is motive/reason behind it.why is it started?
Me:Told[To reduce the influence of worldbank and IMF in which US is the main head


L1:What is cloud banking?
Me:This the first time i’m hearing this word..didn’t know the answer yet] Sorry mam,No idea.

M1:Who is NRI?
Me:Non-Resident Indian.He is the citizen of India but staying abroad for specific purpose like education , employment etc.

M2:So if you are  going and visiting your brother in Singapore , Are you NRI then?
Me:No sir, I’m on tourist visit.

M1:Suppose if I have worked  months abroad and came back.Am I a NRI?
Me :No sir,there is some period.don’t know the duration.

M2:Tell me which industry is contributing from your area much to our GDP?

M2:One district . Two bank head
Me:[was confused..he told like a puzzle..didn’t get his qtn] sorry sir. what’s the question?

M1:He meant One district has two private banks headquarters,what is the bank and district?
Me:(smiled)[He asked this as I’m from Karur] told kvb & lvb

M3:Told something and joked i tamil

M1:XYZ, you have worked in metro city..will you be working in rural are if you get posted?
Me:Sir,I was born and brought up in village..I was there all these years.That’s not at all aproblem for me.

M1:Ok XYZ.All the best.Thank you.
Me:Thank you sir, Thank you mam.

Overall panel was friendly.Tried to help me a lot.Anyways wriiten test + interview is the final result.


All The Best!!!