Venue:Andhra Bank Apex College,Hyderabad
Time :08:30AM

Document verification  is finished bit quickly and  my no. is 6th in the list.my turn came at nearly 10:00 AM.Knocked the door and asked for permission then wished panel members and took my seat.total 4 members were present in the panel(M1,M2,M3,F1)
M1:So,what’s your name?
M1:Where did you finish graduation?
Me:Institute of aeronautical Engineering,Dundigal(branch:aeronautical engineering)
M1:Do you have aircraft in your college?
Me:Yes sir,but it doesn’t work just show case purpose.
M1:That is what i was thinking will it really works or just a dummy?
Me:No sir ,it doesn’t work

M1:Okay fine,tell me who was the chief guest of our republic day celebrations?
Me:Francosis Hollande,France president
M1:Do you know the cities that he had visited?
Me:No sir i don’t know,but he along with our PM visited Stone garden(confused with rock garden),i don’t know about cities but  i know the news that France announced 10bn USD investments in India,and also Rafale deal.
M1:He visited Chandigarh
Me:Okay sir
M1:Why Chandigarh?
Me:Again blank face,i don’t know sir.

M1:Because the city was  designed by a french man(may be one in100 members might have known about this)
Me:okay sir(bit astonished)
Here comes the banking round
M1:What do you know about banking?
Me:Basic banking details
M1:Okay tell me then?
Me:Started with RBI(though i wanted to state the definition of bank),in India RBI is the  regulatory body for all the banks and it frames monetary policy,acts as a banker to central and state governments,regulates all public sector,private sector banks and other non banking financial institutions.(stopped here by M1).

M1:Okay how many public sector banks are there?
Me:I don’t remember the exact number  perfectly sir,27 are there(doubtfully)
M1:When was nationalization of banks done?
Me:1969 sir and the again in 1980.

M1:How many were done in second phase?
Me:(doubtfully again) 8 sir
M1:Are all those available now?
Me:No sir ,one bank merged Indian Bank merged with PNB(blindly followed BA Clerk capsule).
M1:No,Indian bank is just near by (all of them started laughing)
Me:sorry sir it’s New Bank Of India (recalled from BA RRB Capsule)
M1:Now tell me the most recently established public sector bank?
Me:Didn’t get the question and said i don’t know sir.

M1:Mudra bank?
Me:Yes sir,it gives loans to refinancing agencies.

M1:Three types are there,do you know them
Me:Yes sir,shishu ,kishore,Tarun ( as i have doubt in lending amount wanted to deviate it y saying %)40%,35%,25% respectively.
M1:To whom will they give,if 100% is finished here what about other loans,don’t they lend,do you know PSL?
Me:Yes sir

M1:Then,agriculture ?
M1:So,the percentages you have told me will be for the corpus of MSME?
Me:okay sir
M1:What is the amout granted under these?
Me:This was the question i wanted to skip but i couldn’t,shishu:upto 50000 sir
M1:Okay then,kiran?
Me:i don’t remember perfectly sir it will be from 50000-5L(doubfully),finally M1 suggested M2 to take over.
M2:What is the biggest problem of banks now a days?
Me:NPA Sir.
M2:How does it effect on bank?
Me:These type of assets don’t earn any interest and in turn incurs losses.
M2:Okay fine and one more?
Me:Don’t know sir(after thinking).
M2:(giving clues) Do we need to keep some part of money aside for it?
Me:No idea at all,just no sir,i don’t know,(IF ANY ONE KNOWS ANSWER POST IT IN COMMENTS).
M3:Just one question regarding rockets,designing and do they need computer systems to work ar how will they work?
Me:Answerd perfectly and got that they dont know about it(key terms used,single stage,multi stage,special trajectories,ground station)

F1:You have aircraft designing as a subject?do you know stealth aircraft designing?
Me:we know how it is designed but not fabrication madam.Got  deviated into the topic of commercial aircraft design
F1:Tell me designing of commercial aircraft?
Me:Explained from Airfoil first and wings,then fuselage,cutouts and lastly engine.
F1:Okay! fine.
M1:Okay,you can leave now
Me:Thank you sir,Thank you madam.
Dear Sir/ Mam,
Date:27th Jan 2016
Venue:Indian Overseas Bank, Regional office, Chennai
Reporting Time: 1 p.m
Panel: II
Both bio metric and document verification went smoothly. Out of 22 candidates I was 21st.My chance came at 5:45 pm.There were 4 members(M1, M2, M3 , F1),No self intro,Question started with my current Job profile directly.
F1: Was very fond and cheering helping personality.
She was very curious to know more about my job profile.

F1: So u are working under Trade section (under Embassy of Republic of Korea)etc etc .. Tell us about that.
Me: Explained.(They Cross questioned on this topic)

M2:So your company comes under Embassy,U mean South Korea? 
Me: Yes sir
M2: Ok what was recent news regarding North Korea and South Korea?
Me: Sir, North Korea did hydrogen bomb test which frightened South Korea and so they are taking necessary steps to be safe.
(M3 was nodding head, I could feel that he was expecting this ans)
Then came exciting part.
M2: Suppose you are posted in Allahabad bank,and he asked also as clerk(I couldn’t get him correctly)
Me: Sir, Allahabad Bank as a PO?
Me: Sir definitely I will join as an PO and not clerk.Also as I am brought up in north , i have no language barrier also(I am South Indian only but was there in north for 10 yrs so just 2 simple ques like when u came back followed)
M2: So, now you all are telling u will join.wat about after 2 yrs when u get married?
Me: Sir, I will search my groom accordingly.!!!( I dono how i said so spontaneously such an ans)
The whole panel started laughing especially F1..and they were talking to themselves and giggling.I knew they liked my answer
M2: Ok ma, now let us be frank, u prefer love or arranged marriage.?
Me: (little confused as to what to tell), Sir arranged
M1(spoke for 1st tym): Just be open, say 
Me: Sir, seriously arranged is better u have parents support blah blah blah
(by that tym F1 came for my rescue, she said to all panel colleagues , that she is saying she will select groom accordingly…she was enjoying this talk)
M3: Tell any 1 ans love or arranged?
Me : Arranged Sir.
M2: Y in love marriage , u cant get a boy according to you?
Me: Sir, if we see all those criterias and select then thats not love, it must come naturally.(All nodded head)
In between few questions like who is United Nations head. I said Mr. Ban ki Moon. They expected more. I couldnt reply.They also asked what i expect in my clerk result. When i said I did best But cant predict. F1 was forcing and pulling words ‘S’ out of my mouth.They want our attitude to be positive.
So frnds what i Want to convey is when u enter interview room , pray and enter, be urself, give genuine answers. Dont restrict urself in your emotions else delivery of answers wont be attractive.F1 was happy and said lastly that you are very targeted in your career.My 1st PO (bless me it is also last!) interview was overrall good infact enjoyable.
So cheer up and do well.
My written attempts:97.(general category)
Very worried,Even though Panel members seemed happy with my answers I cant judge my marks!! Wish me good luck friends and same to all of the hard-workers over here. Hard-work never fails as this is my 1st interview experience after 1 year of Exam preparation and heartbreaks after so many failures.

All The Best!!!!