Hello Friends,
I had my interview today
Venue-president hotel
Reporting time- 8:30

I had been there five minutes before.Verification started after 15 minutes. The person was quite cooperative. After document verification, I was told to wait. Then my turn came to enter the room. I went in and it was a small room. 5 people were there in my panel. 1 young lady and 4 male members.
I wished the lady first and then all the sirs..
Panel- (as my name is prerna) Toh Prerna apne bare mein kuch aisa btaiye jisse hume kuch prerna mile.
Me- I didn’t get anything inspirational in me.. so just given a normal intro. I ended my intro with sentence “my hobby is gardening”
So ..
Panel- ye season kaun se crops ka h
Me- rabi
Panel- give examples
Me- wheat and rice
Panel- one member said chawal to maine nahii suna.. then he told me rice is kharif.. the other member interrupted him like nahi sir pusa chawal rabi hota h..
Panel- ek aur crop variety hoti hai
Me- sir,zaid
Panel- what comes under it give example
Me- basically fruits and vegetables examples, watermelon and musk melon.. Then many other questions on gardening were asked..
Most of them I answered.. 
Panel- define yourself in 3 words ..
Me- young energetic leader..
Panel: Okay so leader u r ? .. 
Me-  Yes sir
Panel: agar aap ek village m ho aur aap k branch m light ni aa rai hai.. ar bahot sare log aa jate hain to being a leader how will you manage things?
Me- answered .. they also explained .. it was a time taking discussion..
Panel- beta do din pehle modi ji ne kaun si scheme di h?
Me- sir start up India
Panel- explain kro kya hai ye..
Me- just nailed it..
Panel- ye kafi achche se padha hai matlab..
Panel- Achcha kaun si company hai, to invest first in startup..
Me- Sorry sir I don’t know
Panel- Flipkart
Me- Okay sir
Panel- kaun hain jo flipkart ke promoter hain?
Me- sir promoter nahi pata ceo pata h..
Panel- Arre btao btao wahi btao
Me- Binny Bansal
Panel- Wahi to promoter h 😀
Me- Smiling
Panel- Thank You Prerna..
And it was over. It took 15-20 minutes.. I think it was fine. Rest will see in result but whatever I was able to say there, was just because of Shyam Sir.. he guided me well in CP.