Venue: Andhrabank zonal office
Date: 27th jan
NAme: Praveen venkat
cat : Gen

I am 5th in panel and 3rd in afternoon section ,before lunch they done interview for 2 persons in our shift,outside the panel ,head of panel came and said ,dnt wry students we are like friends and collegues feel like tht we all give u gud marks ok ,if u r eligble for X we give u x+2 ,x+3 like that

ME:Gudmrng sir?
M1:good morning boy
Time check kiya ,its 3.45
I said gud evening mam.
M1: Sir , gudmng ,gudaftr,gudevng gud covered all ,dnt be tensed be cool.
ME: I just smiled ,they offered me to sit.
M2 : Father name ,brother ,how many members in family?
ME : Explained them
M2 : Even u say fast we wont leave u early ,say slow .
M2: Middle person , wat u did from 2012 ,
ME: I said , i use to repair pc ,software trobule shooting?
M2: Oho gud ok on which topic u want to ask
ME: Sir ,banking?
M2 : Done electrical ,computers, now u want questions on banking
ME : Yes its been 4 yrs i havenot touched core subject.
M2 : What the functions of RBI?
ME : Sir motry policy ,infaliton ,liquidity in markets using repo ,reverse repo.
M2 : Ok what is inflation ?
ME : Sir,if we purchase a object for 100rs now ,next year that same time it increases to 106 ,that 6 rs inflation.

M2: So your salary also increases na
ME : Sir , having zero infaltion makes products avaiable for less ,so demand direct inflation occurs
M2: I havnt heard that word
ME : sry yes its demand pull inflation .
M2 : Ya demand pull and cost push.
M1 : Why u feeling tensed be cool boy i just said outside na ,dnt wry?
ME : Yes sir ,but aftr stepping inside everything changed
Said ok and M3 took now ,now dnt scold me
M3 : Who wrote consitution?
ME : Sry sir i dont know
M3 : you dont know who wrote consitution ,do u know abt why republic day is celebrated?
ME : Sir , it is when british handed our country full rights .
ME : Sir B R Ambekhar (i dont even knw why did remember that my mind roaming sme werre)
M4 : Do u think this interview is good memory or bad memory
ME : Why not sir ,its a good interview i learnt from it ,its my first interview sir

M4: Gud Gud
M3 : Which award he got ?
ME : padma vebushan
M3 : hheehe no bharat ratana

M3 : Ok recently govt declared awards ,which actor won wat
ME : I said . sir for ajay devagan ,priyankachopra
M3: Say about south
ME : Sir ,rajinikanth won padma vebushan , padma shri for s s rajamouli .
M3 : Ok in 2015
ME : I dont know sir
M3 : Big actor
ME : Sir ,amitabh bachan .
M3 : hehe no boy 
ME : sir anupam kher 

M3 : hehe no no ,other panel members need options and laughing 
ME : Sry sir i dont know then 
now turn given to madam ,the fun begins
F1 : ok who head of pnb
ME : sry mam i dont know
M2 : You know i know that think
ME : Got it i remmebred usha antha subramanium , she use to work in bharati maliya bank
F1 : Do u know any other female heads
ME : yes mam ,ICIC bank sundar kochar
F1 : hheheehh , others members nice u took sundar frm sundar pilchali
ME : sir chandra…
M2 : chandra kochar

M2 : who is SBI head ?
ME : Thinking batacharya cmg but total not cmg
M1 : Amitabh bachana ,all started laughing loud
ME : sir arundathi batacharyaa
M2 : Yes gud ,thank u u may go now
M1 : Took chocolate and asking M2 (middle person in panel) shall i give him
M2 : why not and given a sign of pleasure
M1 : gud boy take this choco and before cmg to interview u need to shave.
ME : sir if i shave i look like kid , that why i trimmed ,
M1 : pointing to M4 ,see we too have kid here ,all started laughing 
M1 : see even now u look like kid with beard .
ME : Sir ,experince makes us old 🙂 
M1 : Impressed 
ME :smiling , thanku sir thanku madam , thanking and laughing we have kids here ,i came out of door nearly close it ,M1 said ,say that we r laughing here ,making all laugh i just smiled and said sure sir thank u , u dnt belive i cant control my laugh hilarous interview .I dont know abt marks but i never enjoyed like this. interview last for 15minutes (aprr)

Name: Satish Gujral
I would like to post some interview questions which was asked me on 21st jan, it was held in pune – Maharastra,
Q1- When did u complete ur graduation?
Me: Told
Q2- why do u want to join bank as i am working in IT firm?
Me: Told
Q3- what is economy?
Me: Told
Q4- What is walfare economy?
Me: Told
Q5-what is goverment?
Me: Told
Q6- where govt get income?
Me: Told

Q7- what are direct indirect taxes and why them called as direct and indirect?
Me: Told

Q8- what is GST?
Me: Told
Q9- what is free basic internet?
Me: Told

Q10-Interest on saving account and current account?
Me: Told
Q11- Term deposit min and max period?
Me: Told
Q12- What is max interest rate on term deposit when it is deposited for 3 yrs?
Me: Told
All The Best!!!