Name- VENKATESH MISHRA (balasore, odisha)
venue-uco bank , bhubaneswar

Reporting time-1pm. Interview started at 3p..my no. was 11th which came sooner then i expected. Entered int. room at 4:30pm(was teribly nervous before entering the room..heart beats felt like bombs bombarted by ISIS).

Me: Good afternoon to you all,(then i saw a good looking female interviewr sitting alone to the extreme right so i greeted her also and she smiled cutely)
M1: Sit down
Me: Thank u sir
M1: In grave voice- what all formalities over?
Me- Yes sir

M2- (As he was also my interviewr in rrb he seemed to recollect my face during the intervew) Introduce yourself?
Me:Told(during my intro he asked how your name is venkatesh ,tell me abt your family,whr did you study etc etc , )
M2:Tell me ur strength n weakness?
Me:Executed brilliantly including leadership qualities,team work,gd at analising etc etc and then about weakness i told that i m nt good at time table.
M1: What are u doing to avoid ur weakness?
Me: Sir as i  only gave time for studying prevously bt now i do  some society works and sit in society meetings in free time(dont know whr it came from)
M1: Why, career comes first na?
Me: Yes sir but i also want to do something  for society keeping pace with study
M3: Can a team worker be a leader?
Me:  No sir ( later during my interview in some case they told me u r a team workr and also a leader so now u understand why we askd)

M2: When did u pass and after btech  why did u choose this as u studied in chennai?
Me: Sir i am 2015 passout  and as there was lack of oppurtunities as only 1 student from our batch was placed and also same case was there with my seniors ,  so i decided to start studyin fr banks frm my final year (though i started just befr 5 months i had to tell lie)

M2: You should hv gone to banglr or hyderbad fr jobs
me: (Was nt sure what to tell so i told a huge lie to convince them) told that banking had been my passion from my final year.( nt so satisfied)
M2: You qualified any other exam
Me: Yes sir RRB where i secured good marks in interview but due to shortage of 5-10 marks in written i was not shortlisted fr final
M2: What did they asked u in interview?
Me: shg,rrb,pin,pan,and about my native place (my int in rrb was nt so good bt i told smartly they were impressed)
M1: (back with villain look as if he will kill me): whats diff betw rrb and nationalised banks
Me: Told
M1: When was rrb establishd?
Me: Told

M1: By which act?
Me: ( i could not remember the year )so i preferd “sorry sir i cant recolect it r8 now”
M1 was looking me widening his eyes wher as m2 was the best..he ws cool and praised me in between

M2: Tell me about fin inclusion,bsbda,repo rate,reverse repo,priority sector %
Me: Told
M2: whats more in bsbda?
Me: less kyc norms

M2: Impressd and said very good
M2: Tell about mudra?
Me: Told( he improvised me in that question)
M2: Thats all thank u
Thats it bang on, fem intervier remained silent fr the whole time. and few more quest were also asked which i dont remember but i ansrd them also.all looked satisfied except m1 who was looking like chennai express muvi’s villain. my interview was good but m more worried about my written marks as i attempted very less-96. thnk you all..hope it could help you all…one tip- never let them think u r nervous nor they will destroy u..keep eye contact always( i did good in both the cases)
Name: Renu
Venue:Bank of Maharashtra, Fort Mumbai
I am from Rajasthan, have done MA in English literature. I have worked as a content writer for 3 years. I started preparing for Ibps po in July and got shortlisted for interview in my first attempt.
My interview was on 20 January in first shift. After document verification I was called for interview around 10:15 am.
5 members- 4 male and one female.
I entered the cabin and wished them good morning. They asked me to sit down.
M1- (sitting in middle) Renu brief yourself including your education and family.
Me- Sir I belong to Rajasthan, have done MA in English, have worked as a content writer then promoted as editor for 3 years. Got married, having a baby. She is 2 years old. My father works in Electronic Discom.
M1- (smiling) Tell us about your husband as he is your real family?
Me- Sir he is in HR department and is based in Mumbai.
M1- Ok, that’s why you applied from here.
Me- Yes sir.

M1- Tell us about your job profile.
Me- Explained. ( though I didn’t mention about my job in form but they asked no cross questions)
M2- You have done MA in English so why didn’t you go for education sector?
Me- Sir I am not interested in teaching. (With a smile)
M2- Tell us something about Mahila Bank. As you are a woman.
Me- This bank is established for women to empower them.
M2- Who is the head?
Me- Usha , I don’t know the full name.
M2- What kind of banking facilities are designed specifically for women? What kind of loans? 
Me- Sir I know in Rajasthan government has launched Bhamashah card.
M2- Interrupting no no. I m asking on national level.
Me- Sir I don’t know any specific loan as such.

M2- Come on a lady is a doctor can’t she apply for a loan? 
Me- Of course sir she can.

M2- So all kinds of loans are for women. Banking is for women (grinning)
Me- Ok sir.
M2 – Any scheme for industry?
Me- Yes sir MUDRA loan and told about it.
M3- What is Swacch Bharat Abhiyan? Any tax ?
Me- Clean India launched by our PM to make India clean and hygienic. 0.5% cess tax.
M4- In Rajasthan which city is called as pink city?
Me- Jaipur sir. (Bachhon wala question)
M4- Why it is famous?
Me- Explained.
M4- Tell about Nobel prize, is it given half yearly, quarterly or yearly and which country gives this?
Me- Sir yearly and is given by Norway. (College me padha Kam aaya. Vaise Sweden and Norway Dono milker dete h)
M4- Who was the last Nobel prize winner from India? 
Me- unfortunately forgot his name at that time. Sorry sir I don’t remember.
F5- Tell me your hobbies. 
Me- Reading, writing and travelling.

F5- 5 countries with their capital?
Me- I started with countries I have been to. France- Paris, Thailand- Bangkok, Germany.
M4- Interrupting- Tell of India
Me- Delhi
M4- Pakistan
Me- Islamabad

F5- one more left
Me- Indonesia- Jakarta.
They just tried to put pressure by interrupting and diverting but I handled it.

F5- Your strength weakness?
Me- Explained.

F5- More personal strength.
Me- Friendly, easy to indulge with people.

M1- Which drama or poetry you have read and liked of Shakespeare?
Me- Sir I have read Macbeth, hamlet, king Lear and liked the last one and explained.

M2- Why you want to go for banking?
Me- Good career growth, booming sector, reputable job, security, can balance my social and professional life and blah blah.
M2- your husband is in HR, he didn’t suggest something else? Teaching? Ok you are not interested in that but there are many sectors. ( In short tried to put pressure but I was confident in my answers).
M2- Have you appeared for Clerk?
Me- No sir.
M1- Is this your first po interview?
Me- yes sir.
M2- What if posted to a rural area?
Me- Sir I m brought up in a rural area so no issues.
M2- No I mean your husband will be in Mumbai working in a multinational and you wouldn’t be posted in Mumbai.
Me- Tried to explain it will be fine and then final answer- Sir will plan accordingly if any issue arise 🙂

M2- Ok so you are ready for the job?
Me- yes sir 🙂
All- All the best.
Me- Thank you so much.
My entire interview was in English. It lasted 10-15 minutes. They check confidence and try to put pressure to check how you react.
Let’s hope for the best!!
All the best!!!