During verification they asked banking question jst a warm up for me my sr  no was 9 . so i entered at 11 am in interview room wished them they asked me to sit . 
panel having 5 member 4 men and 1 lady cant say lady she was young girl of 23 to 25.
M1: So kapil , kapil dev , similar to i expected . do u know him ??
ME: yes sir.
M1: Your hair style changed over periods spicy to normal one ??
Me : yes sir , sir actually that day i walked up gone for addhar card without combing.
M1: No no its look real and its good u changed now looks mature time ke sath hoota hai sab ??
Me : Yes sir time teaches us lesson if there is no time management nothing will work 
M1:In 1983 world cup kapil dev was leader be like him be loud like him ??
Me; Ok sir with smile.
M1: you  should watch kapil dev video of world its gud??
Me: Yes sir i watched it sir i jst love cricket . i told him i was selected at state level camp i left due to some reasons.
M1: Who is your coach ?
Me: Told 
M1 :kapil what was turning point of 1983 world cup final ??
me :Sir kapil dev catch of clive loed
M1 : Ohh gud n who was the bowler ?
me : Sir  i think it was amarnath
M1: No it was mdan lal

M1: kapil u r batsman or allrounder or bowler?
Me : sir i am wicket keeper + batsman.
M1: Ohh thats a key role what his role?
Me : I said motivation sir if team is loosing he should buck up every fielder and make belief to fight till the end.
M1:Yes keeper has a best view to see field setting in bank who would your fielders as po ?
me: Sir clerks
M1: How u relate this role  to banking ?
Me: Sir in bank coordination mst there from lower level to higher level i must maintain the coordination between clerks n higher autority and also custmers . for example a customer came he did not get proper response that will lead loss of many more customers 
M1: Thats right u taking what else u do ?
Me : Be a leader
M1 ; Then he said u have to motivate them also motivation like keeper does 
Me : Ohh sir i smiled i got it sir.
Them m1 says to m2 ask something he said he ok good 
M1  ok kapil all the best .  i said thank you sir . then he said cricket chood diya apne with smile ….thats it .I wished them and went out… guys it was discussion type interview no banking no technical .. and  they were friendly kept smiling and sabse aaise hi dicussions hoe kisi se movie ki story puchi toh kisi se kuch smile emotion.
Name-Akshay Tathe 
Venue-Andhra Bank Head Office,Hyderabad 
Time- 1.00 PM 
I reached venue at 12 PM and Document Verification Started earlier at 12.30 PM.After Verification they said to have lunch at their canteen(Paid Only). 
My turn came at about 2.00PM. Entered into the room and there were 4 Members (3M, 1F).I greeted them good afternoon..and said to have seat.
F1-Where are u frm? 
ME- Told
M1-Tell us something abt ur hometown? 
Me-Told (From BEED Maharashtra)
M2-Asked more little more abt place.. 
AT The same time M3 Was checking my marksheets for B.Tech(Mech). 
M3-Are u good in physics or chem 
ME-Somewhat in Both
M3- Tell formula for water 

M3-Tell sign of Copper 
Me-Told Cu.
M1-What is CIBIL? 
Me-its credit information bureu of india ltd.CIBIL Score of individual is checked before giving loans.

M1-Means How? 
Me-Like whther a particular person has taken any previous loan or not.
M2-Who is governer of RBI? 
M2-Tell Funcitons Of RBI 
M2-Do u read newspapers 
Me-Yes sir. 
M2-Tell today something about hockey player incident in todays newspaper. 
Me-I told that he assaulted his wife..they laughed and told me details.. 
M2-Today Special? 
Me-Yes sir Its WORLD Cancer Day.
F1-Ohhh…Leakde question (laughing) 
Me-No Mam, I was sitting alone…(again all laughed) 
F2-Any other days u know? 
Me- Iwas blank ..told NO then they laughed bit and 
M1: Said dont u know republic day,independence day? 
Me-Yes Mam.
F1-Who ws guest for this year republic day.. 
Me-Mam,Mr.Francois Hollande.
Then they all said ok. You are done and wshed me best luck.. I too greated them good day… Thats all….Lets Hope for good.Bt they didnt even ask why banking after Enigneering.

All The Best !!!!