Name: Venkat
Venue: Andhra Bank Zonal Office,Guntur
Date & Time: 25-01-16, 1.00 PM
Cat: Gen
Reached venue before 10 mins.
Document verification process was started at 1.10PM and it was done in smooth way.My serial No was 10.Expected that my turn will come soon but after interviewing 4 members Panel took Lunch Break.
My Turn came at 4.15PM.(Interview was both in English and Telugu )PANEL:   F     M1    M2    M3

F—keen Observation

M1&M2—Jovial  and seniors too.
Bell Rang.
Me: May I Come in sir

Panel: Yes Yes,,come in.
Me: Keeping smile on face walked to my chair ,Wished Female member first and then other sirs.

M1: Please be seated.
Me:Thank U sir

M1:Yes Mr.Introduce your self.
Me: Started with my name and then where I am from(Mentioned my village name).

M1: Which village..??
Me: Repeated my village name. (Mahesh Babu adopted my village)

(M1 said Inkentayya,,,konchem gattiga ,proud ga cheppu)

 (I gave a smile and panel too..)

M1:What is recent news about your village?
Me: Said(I mentioned “TOLLYWOOD SUPER STAR” Mahesh Babu)

All Panel members Laughed loudly looking among each other saying SUPER STAR……

M2: What is this division Tollywood ,Bollywood etc….?
Me: I said based on regional languages they call like that,,but there is nothing mandate..

M3:Tell some regional language film industries and Names.
Me: Said

M1: Do u watch movies?
Me: Yes Sir,I like Movies.

M2: What r the Award given to films in India?
Me: State wide Nandi Awards,,Country wide National Film Awards,
Highest Award for films in India is Dada Saheb Falkhe Award.

F: Who is D S Falkhe?
Me: Said D S F is Father of Indian Film Industry, he directed first Indian film Sathya Harischandra.

F: Are U Sure,,?Have U Read This Any Where?
Me:Yes Ma’am. Last year 100 years of film industry was celebrated,,during that time i read in news papers.

F: Ok. Good
M2: Do u Know any telugu Personalities honoured with his Award?

Me:Yes sir,Sri Akkineni Nageswar Rao garu and Sri D.Rama Naidu garu.
F: What  u hv been doing since ur graduation?

Me: Answered..(they seem satisfied with my ansr,,,as I Prepared for this Question)
M2:Tell About Swachha Bharat Mission.

Me:Ansrd,,But i made a mistake that this mission aimed to complete by 2019 to mark Gandhi ji’s 100th Birth Anniversary.

Panel Laughed Again and M1 said 100 years…..!!!! No Mr.  He is Too OLD,,Take Some Other number.I got little confused and said sorry sir It may be 150th Birth anniversary.

F: Yes,its 150th .What is DoB of Gandhi Ji?
(I got stucked in subtracting 150 from 2016..!!!!!)Said 2nd Oct Ma’am.Sorry Ma’am I am unable to get exact Year.

Ma’am Smiled and said its OK.For a While (20 sec) no Questions…Just keep calm and smiling

F: What is Credit card & Debit card and difference ?
Me: Answered nicely.

F:Which sectors comes under PSL?
Me : Answered.

M1:OK Venkat, Are U Willing to work any where?
Me: Yes Sir, I don’t Have any Objection.

M3 Offered me a 5 Star chocolate.

M1: Ok Venkat,You can Leave now.
Me: Thank U Sir..

Before Leaving room I Whished “Advanced Happy Republic Day to U all Sir.They also Wished me.

Name:Saiprasad Gangareddy Yangod
Date:18th January,2016 
Time:Morning slot-8.30 am

I reached interview venue at 8.20 am. there were 3 panels. Each panel consists of 25 students. one senior person gave instruction & given one biodata form.filled that form,back side of paper chronological order of documents was given. one guy came towards us announced some names. I was the second person for document verification. Document verification went smoothly. my document verification over at 9.30 am. after that I was called on 1st floor for interview.
This was my first formal bank interview. I am a silent reader of bankers adda.I waited for some time outside the interview panel room. after some time my turn came up.
I entered Interview panel room. there were 5 members, M1,M2,M3,M4 & F1.Before I enter in the room. I took permission as May I come in sir.
one sir said please come in.I wished Good morining Madam & Good morining sirs.

M1- offered me to sit ( I think he is the chief person sitting in middle dressed in black suit) 
I said thank you sir.

M1-What is your name?
Me- I said my name is Saiprasad Yangod
(i was expecting some basic introduction about me but all things were different)then the rapid fire round got started

M1-When did you passed out?
Me- i Said i passed out in 2014

M1- from that time onwards what are you doing?
Me- Honestly said sir i am Preaparing for bank exams. Due to my physical disability i am not able to work for longer period of time by standing in Pharmaceutical industry. I always wanted to do sitting job which is obvious in banking sector.Here starts rapid fire round

M1-What do you know about banks?
me-I said,sir banks are the financial institute which accepts deposits from public & provide financial assistance in the form of loans.

M1-What are types of banks?
me- I said 1.central bank i.e. RBI 2.Private sector banks 3.Public sector banks 4.Co-operative banks & 5.Development banks (In my mind should i tell scheduled & Non scheduled bank banks but i haven’t said that)

M2- What do you know about DBT?
me- I said DBT stands for Direct benefit transfer. It is a scheme launched by govt. of India to provide subsidy for LPG customers.

M2-Apart from this any other information?
me- Yes, sir Ministry of Petroleum is on verge of launching kerosine subsidy on pilot basis in some states (As this was recent news at that time)
seems convinced.

M2-what do you know about Lead Bank? 
ME: I said sorry sir. since the voice was not audible he repeated the question.
Me- I was blank. since this was the first time i heard that term.

M2- passed some sheets to M3
M3-what is diff. between Public secot banks & Private sector bank?
me- I said sir in Public sector bank Govt of india holds 51 or more than 51% share whereas in case of private sector banks it is owned by a single person or group of person or an organisation. (seems convinced)

M4- What do you know about NABARD?
me- sir NABARD is devlopment bank. NABARD regulates the Regional rural banks. the acronym for NABARD is National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Devlopment bank.

M4- What is money Laundering?
me- I said sir money laundering is hiding real source of money to save taxes.

M4- Apart from this?
me- sir it is illegal transaction. (They were expecting some more answer from me)

F1- Do you know what is this job?
me- yes madam i have gone through job profile of probationary officer. we have to go through a probation period of 2 years. in that we have to go through each section of bank such as transactions, NEFT, RTGS etc.

F1- What do you mean by transactions? ( here some counter questions asked)
me- i was not able to recall the answer at that time. i said sorry madam i am not able to recall the answer at this moment.

F1- what about others terms you mentioned here?
me- I said madam NEFT stands for National Electronic Fund Transfer. it is way of transferring money. for that it requires IFSC. IFSC stands for Indian Financial system code.In NEFT we can transfer even one rupee & there is no upper limit. RTGS stands for Real Time Gross Settlement. Real time time means Instant money transfer. Maximum taken in this is less than 2 hours. Min amount is tranferred through RTGS is 2 laks & there is no upper limit. (Seems convinced)

Madam said its ok.
M1 said you can leave. All The Best.I said thank you madam & sirs.All questions asked me was in rapid fire round. they haven’t any opportunity to think about the answers. it was difficult for me to while maintaining the eye contact give answer.initially i got scared. i prepared for schems, technical knowledge & GA. but not a single question was asked.So friends this was all abou my Interview.They asked me around 10-11 questions. i gave 9 answers. 1 question answer sorry sir  i don’t know.Friends how was my Interview overall.

All The Best !!!!!