Name : Arun
Qualification : B.E., Civil Engineering
Date of interview : 27/01/2016
Venue : Coimbatore, TN
Time : 8:30am
After biometric & certificate verification, my turn for interview cane @ 13:15pm.

Me : After entering inside interview room, wished F(M1) first & then all other panel members.
M3 : please take your seat.

M1: What is your name?
Me : Told

M3 : Where are you from?
Me : Told

M5 : (From my answer) Can you tell us famous cave/s lin north India?
Me : Told

M4 : What is your father?
Me : Told

M3 : Few questions related to my previous work experience (as Site Engineer) regarding :
1) Lift manufacturing companies
2) Thyseenkruup company’s native etc.
Me : Stumbled a little

M3 : Few questions related to Civil Engineering: regarding
1) Infrastructure projects
2) BOQ
3) Tender/contract process
4) Bilateral/ trilateral agreements

M3 : (CA) What happened to Mahindra&Mahindra company recently?
Me : Sorry sir I don’t know

M2 : What are the safety precautions to be taken for high rise structure @ the time of footing foundation excavation?
Me : Told

F1 : Why do you prefer staircase than Lift/escalator?
Me : Told

M3 : What did you prepare related to banking for this interview?
Me : Basics of banking

M3 : What is the ratio related to housing loan from bank?
Me : Sorry sir I don’t know.

M3 : you may go now
F1 : with smile, all the best.
Me : Thanked them all & came out
All The Best !!!!