DATE: 19/01/2016
VERIFICATION: We were called inside the room at 1:00 pm and document verification started exactly at 1:30 pm. here am providing the list of docs to be produced as many of them didn’t bring required docs
call letter, application form, 10 th class, intermediate marks list, provisional certificate( 2015 passed outs), original degree, marks memo, photo id proof, caste certificate in the prescribed format given in notification
My turn came at 2:30 pm and there were a lady member L1 and 3 male panel members M1,M2,M3
I greeted every one and they asked me to take my seat. i thanked them all and my interview began
M1: Introduce yourself
Me: Name, native place, graduation details, parents and their profession, sibling and his details, hobbies. I mentioned DIY as my hobby
M2: What id DIY
Me: answered
M2: Can you give us an example
Me: answered
M3:  You Were engineering graduate. then why banking
Me:  answered. i said my father is a bank employee so i wish to render my services from the seat where he worked
M3: You kept andhra bank as your first preference and ecgc as your last preference. whats the reason behind that?
Me: answered
M3: Whats the primary purpose of ECGC?
Me: answered
M2: What do you know about Andhra Bank?
Me: Answered. I said its present Ceo is Suresh N Patel
M3: What does N stand for?
Me: sorry sir i donno
M1: what is negotiable instrument
Me: answered with examples cheque, bill of exchange and promissory note
L1: How many parties does cheque and promissory note have
Me: cheque:  draweer, drawee, payee, promissory note: payer, payee
L1: No for promissory note, its promiser and promisse
Me: sorry mam. i read that they were payer and payee
L1: no problem, in general they will be call so
Me: smiled 🙂

L1: what is stale cheque?
Me: answered
M1: What is post dated cheque?
Me: answered wrong
L1: Explain pre paid and post paid
Me: explained
L1: Now relate to post dated cheque and tell
Me: answered correctly and thanked her
M2: So you said your dream is to render your services from your fathers seat. what will you do if you were posted in some other branch?
Me: I’ll apply for transfer and would fulfill my dream for sure
M3: As you said about your dream, do you know a person who said DREAM BIG. tell us something about him?
Me: I said he is our former president Abdul Kalam and explained them what i know about him. and they raised some supplementary questions like what is the difference between missiles and satellites? what is his degree? UN declared his birthday as?
L1: wish you all good luck and we wish your dream come true. take some toffees and make your dream come true
Me: thank you so much madam. thank you sirs.
My interview lasted for about 15 mins. the panel members were very friendly and made me very comfortable.
I hope this helps you guys. all the best.