Hi All,

This is Abhishek. I’m sharing my IBPS PO 5 interview experience with you all.

Name: Abhishek
Place: Corporation Bank, Bangalore
Panel: 2
Date and Time: 18/01/2016, 8.30 am
Background: MCA

My turn came around 1.30 pm. There were 30 candidates. Interview panel consisted of 5 members including 1 female member.
Wished them good afternoon and sit only after they asked me to.
Q1: where are you from?
[ I’m from Gurgaon, no introduction, pretty much surprising ]
Q2: what are you doing in Bangalore?
[ I am working at an MNC ]
Q3: so you are working here? Then why banking? 
[ I tried to explain, they stopped me. ]
Q4: see we already have so many engineers and we don’t need anymore, tell us what makes you different from others? 
[ explained, nothing can be concluded from their expressions ]
Q5: suppose, one day, one guy came into your branch and he’s shouting, what will you do? 
[  I told them the conventional answer, but they kept saying that he’s not ready to listen you, what will you do. Don’t know what is the correct answer ]
Q6: can you tell us who is the father of computer? 
[ Charles Babbage ]
That’s it. Worried because no introduction, no banking terms. Don’t know what will happen, how they are judging a candidate.
All the best everyone. Give your best.
Thanks and Regards,
Name:- Pratik Shrungare
Qualification:- BE(computer),MBA(IT)
Location:- Bank of maharshtra, trimurti nagar Nagpur.

There were 5 members 4 male and 1 female.
1) Tell me about urself.

2) You did MBA from symbiosis in IT u can get good job in IT sector then y banking sector??

3) IF you have high net worth customer who want to deposit huge amount of money in your bank and on the other hand you have poor customer who desperately need money what will you do??

4) Tell me about Indian economy?

5) Tell me about your internship project?

6) your subjects in mba?

7) what is cyber attack?
(as my major was information security in mba so they asked such type of questions to me)

8) how will u save bank’s important information from hackers?

9) various tools use for cyber attack??

10) what is encryption??
11) family background???
nagpur guys be ready for any question because they can ask anything..to  one person they asked if 7 birds make 7 nest in 7 days then in how many days 1 bird will make 1 nest???
All d best guys!!!