Name: Rohit
Place: Bank Of Maharashtra Staff Training Office Nagpur
Panel: 1
Date and Time: 18/01/2016, 1 pm
Background: BBA,MBA,Phd Pursuing

Dear Moderator,

Sir/Maam, i am posting detailed interview of mine and i request you to ask members to do the same.
Hello all,
This is Rohit. I’m sharing my IBPS PO 5 interview experience with you all. 
My turn came around 2.30 pm. There were 25 candidates. Interview panel consisted of 5 members including 
1 female member.
Me: (Knocked door twice, Peep inside and took permission to enter) “Good Afternoon Maam, Good afternoon Sir”
Panel- Good Afternoon
M1- Morning se abhi Ek MBA Candidate mila hai, (Another Panelist corrected him that there were 2 MBA girls)
Me- Sir, not only BBA+MBA but I have done my 11th and 12th in commerce, then BBA ,MBA and now I have submitted My Phd Summery.
M2- It Seems like we got a package here? 
M1- What is your Phd Topic?
Me- Sir, Its Emotional Intelligence (Told them detail topic)
M1- Why people spend 10-15 lakhs on MBA? Marwadi people they don’t do MBA course but they are performing good in businesses.
Me:- Sir, doing MBA gives us exposure to different knowledge. Industrial visits, live projects, 
Lectures from Industry people and Rich Academic content improves personality of a student and also enhance confidence level. Sir,Regarding marwadis , Education grooms a person so as live field 
experience. And Marwadi community people they have the rich experience of second part.
M1- That’s true.
M2-How will you utilize your experience in Bank?
Me- Sir, I have groomed my communication skills, Confidence and emotionally I am tough. All this 
skills are basic requirement of service industry. I understand people better, I can cater them banking 
services, efficiently .
M2- Mr. Rohit Sell us Saving Bank account of your XYZ bank?
Me: Good afternoon Maam, Good Afternoon Sir, My Name is Rohit and I am from XYZ bank , Today I am going to give you information regarding a Saving Account product . You must be thinking that every other bank have saving accounts and rate of interests are also almost same then why XYZ bank?, Let me tell you, We are different , because we provide quality services and take care of our customer’s convenience. We provide privileged services to our customers. Be our customer and I assure you will always cherish this decision of yours.
F1: Quality Service?I came to your bank yesterday, my father is admitted in ABC hospital and I was in hurry, I asked help there in your bank, nobody attained my query, the guard was so rude, that I felt like to punch him. I think you are lying here in front of us about your quality services?
Me- I apologize on behalf of my bank and I personally will take care of your query and rectify the 
mistakes happened yesterday. Maam every bank goes through ups and down moments, I guess you have experienced the down side yesterday. I request you to not make judgment on yesterdays experience about my bank, please give us one more chance.
F5- (Smiled) Ok.
M2- Don’t you feel that leaving your job was a wrong decision of yours? you can earn better in faculty job?
Me: Sir, I have spent 5 years in Teaching job , but the nature of job was contractual, and let me 
tell you the blind side of Teaching Fraternity , if one wants to have permanent job then he is asked to 
M1-(Intrupting me) – 12-15 Lacs ,, I know ,I know.
Me: Sir , my experience and my skills are not for sale and paying bribe is against my principles. 
M2: Who helped you in past 6-7 months
Me: Sir, My father, brother my family, everyone helped me in past 6-7 months financially as well as 
M3: Tell me about your family?
Me: Sir I live in a joint family with my Parents, Brother, Sister in law , My wife and my daughter.
M3: Tell me about your father?
Me- Sir ,My father is a retired banker, he was with SBI. He joined SBI as clerk and retired from the 
post of District Co-ordinator, He is a hard worker and he has groomed us in the same way. His life is 
like a parameter to me and I want to prove myself to him.
M2: Why don’t you try in Pvt Banks? Did you try earlier? 
Me: No Sir , I haven’t tried in Pvt bank, I feel it is not my cup of tea.
M2- Why?
Me: Sir, I search for safety and security in a job and Honor, governor of RBI, Mr Raghuram Rajan ,last year in one interview told that recession is going to strike in Indian Economy soon.In pvt banks there is a tendency of laying off people. Sir, I want a safe and secured future for my daughter so I didn’t apply for Pvt bank job.
M2: Mr Rohit let me ask you concluding question, where do you see yourself after 20 years
Me: Sir, I don’t know in which bank I am going to land up, so it would be tough to tell exactly on 
which designation I will be working after 20 years, but yes, one thing is sure sir, u will find me 
learning something at that time also. 
M2: Mr Rohit, I see you in the post of GM after 20 years, thank you.
Rohit: Thank you sir. Thank you Madam
That was all, I was on cloud 9 after my interview. Try to be what you are. Don’t fabricate things. 
Panel checks your employability , that’s it. 
I request other candidates to post detail interview, so that others can understand do’s and don’t’s.
Regards and Wishes
Rohit Mohod