Name – Munu 
Venue- noida 62 
Reporting time-8:30 

I wished good morning to all of them .

M1: Where do you belong? 
Me: Nalanda
M1: What is in news recently from Nalanda? 
Me: Nalanda university
M3: What is the name of Vice Chancellor? 
Me: Gopa sabarwal
M4: Why you want to join bank? 
Me: fastest growing sector with max oppurtunity transparent recruitment.
F1: How many type of a/c?
Me: Answered
M1: What is RD a/c?
Me: Answered
M3: What is e commerece?
Me: Answered
M2: What are you doing after 2012 as i an 2012 passout?
Me: Explained
Hi All,
Name: Kunal 
Place: Corporation Bank, Bangalore
Panel: 2
Date and Time: 18/01/2016, 8.30 am
Background: MCA
My turn came around 1.30 pm. There were 30 candidates. Interview panel consisted of 5 members including 1 female member.
Wished them good afternoon and sit only after they asked me to.
Q1: Where are you from?
Me: I’m from Gurgaon, no introduction, pretty much surprising.
Q2: What are you doing in Bangalore?
Me: I am working at an MNC.
Q3: So you are working here? Then why banking? 
ME: I tried to explain, they stopped me. 

Q4: See we already have so many engineers and we don’t need anymore, tell us what makes you different from others? 
ME: Explained, nothing can be concluded from their expressions. 

Q5: Suppose, one day, one guy came into your branch and he’s shouting, what will you do? 
Me: I told them the conventional answer, but they kept saying that he’s not ready to listen you, what will you do, Don’t know what is the correct answer.

Q6: Can you tell us who is the father of computer? 
Me: Charles Babbage 
That’s it. Worried because no introduction, no banking terms. Don’t know what will happen, how they are judging a candidate.

All the best everyone. Give your best.

Thanks and Regards,