IBPS PO IV Interview Experience: Pradeep Kumar

Interview experience IBPS PO-4
Name -Pradeep Kumar
Examination Venue-Bareilly (UP)
Date of Interview -19/1/2015
Interview venue – Kanpur -The Preident hotel
Panel 3
Here is my interview experience.

I have done B.com(H) from Delhi University in 2014 July.
After completing my graduation i started taking coaching from Career
Power-Kingsway Camp GTB Nagar Delhi. I started in july and beleive me friends 4
months are more than enough to prepare for IBPS PO. I gave my exam on 2nd
I reached at the venue at sharp 8.30 am.  Many candidates were there outside the hotel
and many were inside. At 8.30 we were all called on 3rd floor for documents
verification. There were three panels. Mine was 3rd. I was the first candidate
in my panel for documents verification but due to some problem in document
verification I was callled for interview at 3 pm.
I was really tired at that moment but it was the time i have
been waiting. My name was called up. I was bit nervous but everything went away
as I entered the room.
My interview went for around 10-12 min. Every panel member
asked 2-2 questions.
There were 5 people. One elderly women with notebook and
pen. 3 Old people around age 55 or above.One young person in mid 40s. He was
from HR.
I entered and greeted them all. They asked me to sit down.

Q- So you have done B.Com(H) from Delhi University.
Ans- I said yes sir.

Q- Which college?
Ans- Sir Zakir Husain Delhi college.

Q-Tell us about your father’s profession.
Ans- Sir my father is retired from Army.

Q-You have any Brother?
Ans- No sir I have one younger sis.

Q- What she is doing?
Ans- I told him that she is in school.

Now real interview started

Q-What is balance 
Ans- Answered nicely.

Q-What is Intangible assets?
Ans- Sir intangilble assets are those which we can not feel
or touch like goodwill, patents,trademark.

Q-Who is PM of India?
Ans – Sir Shri Narendra Modi.

Q-From where he is elected?
Ans- Sir Varanasi.

Q- He was  also
elected from another Place?
Ans-Sir Ahemdabad.

Q-Which Constituency he reatained?
Ans- Sir varanasi and he resigned from ahemdabad.

Q-What is bharatratna?(Asked in hindi)
Ans- Sir Bharat Ratnaindiaka highest civilain award hai.

Q-Ye kin logo kodiyajatahai?
Ans-Sir ye un 
logokodiyajatahaijokisichetra me bhautuchkamkartehai.

Q-Latest kisediyagyahai?
Ans- Sir late PM shri Atal Bihari vajpye and founder of
banaras hindu university (Naam yaad nai aaya us samay hadbadahat me.)

One of them asked -Is he dead?

I said no sir he is alive but not in good health. I am sorry
i said late.

Q-Who is Finance Minister of india?
Ans-Sir Mr.Arunjaitley.
Now the Lady asked -Q-What is PehelScheme ?(hindi)
I answered in hindi
Ans-Mam ye schem LPG cylinder ki subsidy sidhe account me
pahunch sake uske liye yojna shuru ki gayi hai. Isme LPG customer ki subsidy ka paisa
apke account me pahunch jayge.

Mam was not impressed.

Mam customer lo ek form fill karna padega. Jiske pass
adhar hai wo ek form bharega jiske pass nai hai wo dusra. Ek form Gas Agency me
dena hai aur dusra bank me jake jama karna hai.
Now man in mid aged 
40s asked

Q- So pradeep you have studied Human Resource as your
subject in B.com(h).Tell me difference between recruitment and selection?

Ans – Sir recruitment is as wider excercise than selection.
I selection you have to select candidates among available one but in
recruitment you have to publish news for recruitng in newspaper or any other
media. He was not totally satisfied with my answer.

Q-Why sould we select you. What qualities do you have that
don’t have others?
Ans- I didn’t knew what to say. I was blank. I said sir i
have done B.com(h) from delhi university . I have studied advertising. I know
how to turn a prospective client into buyer.I know he was not satisfied with my

Q-Where should you show deposits in balance sheet?
Ans- I answered it wrong. I said it will come under assets.
But deposits are liabilty to bank.
Ok pradeep you can leave now.

They offered me a candy. I took one
from the bowl. I said thank you sir. Have a good day.

Guys, please let me know the feedback on my interview. I am little worried whether I will make it or not.