Quest For Clerk Mains: English Quiz

Directions: In question nos. 1-5, some parts of the sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error. If there is no error, give ans (D).

1. Relaxation techniques such as meditation, physical exercises, (A) and listening to soothing music are some of the (B) most effective of the known non-invasive stress buster. (C) No error (D)

2. Salman Rushdie’s ‘Joseph Anton’ is (A)one book by Mr Rushdie I (B) intend to read cover from cover. (C) No error (D)

3. Rakesh had the presence of mind (A) to get out of the way as the bus speeded out (B) of control past them. (C) No error (D)

4. Beginning in  2005, India and China had agreed to (A) identify “guiding principles and parameters” for (B) a political solution to the five-decade-old dispute. (C) No error (D)

5. The chairman and members of the (A) Public Service Commission is appointed (B) by the President or the Governor(C) No error (D.

Directions: In
questions nos. 6-10, out of the four alternatives choose the one which best
expresses the meaning of the given word and mark it in your Answer Sheet.

6. Dubious
(A) questionable             
(B) drop out
(C) duteous        
(D) ebullient
7. Rogue
(A) sanguine     
(B) tutelage
(C) scoundrel    
(D) squire
8. Covert
(A) demure        
(B) disguised
(C) dilated          
(D) zealot
9. Tow
(A) vivify             
(B) mane
(C) decorate      
(D) pull
10. Lax
(A) slack              
(B) strength
(C) soap               

(D) comfortable

1.C Replace buster with busters.
2.C Replace from with to.
3.B Replace speeded with speed.
4.A Replace beginning with early.
5.B Replace is with are.

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