IBPS PO Mains: English Quiz

Directions (Q.1-10): Each question below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

1. The objective of the survey is to ________________ the impact of the rising rupee on a _______________  engineering sector.
(a) attribute, profitable  
(b) establish, tensed
(c) intensity, volatile
(d)substantiate, reinforced
(e) ascertain, thriving

2. The country’s economic growth has been achieved _______________ exports and _______________large amounts of foreign direct investment.
(a) on, boosting
(b) despite, estimating
(c) mostly, soliciting
(d) via, attracting
(e) substantial, opposing

3. Experts feel that the amendment to the Act will adversely __________________ private sector ________________in infrastructure development.
(a) effect, participation
(b) facilitate, claim
(c) influence, involvement
(d) measure, investment
(e) expedite, stake

4. His speech __________________ the need for the media to play an important role to bring _______________ on social evils.
(a) reflected, pressure
(b) communicating, attention
(c) stressed, focus
(d) addressing, emphasis
(e) convinced, light

5. Although he puts in _________________ of overtime and takes few holidays, he ________________ can not support his family.
(a) sufficient, however
(b) lot, besides
(c) much, thus
(d) plenty, still
(e) frequency, yet

6. Demand and supply do not _________________ the same relationship as the one that __________________ between height and weight.
(a) possess, has
(b) incur, is
(c) defend, volunteers
(d) bear, borne
(e) have, exists

7. Generally, ____________________students ________________ those who are mediocre.
(a) humble, surmount
(b) meritorious, surpass
(c) bright, overestimate
(d) intelligent, surrender
(e) studious, respect

8. Few professions can _________________ the sheer variety and constant _______________of being a doctor.
(a) like, struggle
(b) share, enthusiast
(c) match, challenge
(d) draw, work-load
(e) justify, exception

9. The governmental ___________________spurred dramatic improvements in the way waste management is _______________out in many hospitals.
(a) rule, thrown 
(b) plans, conduct
(c) crusade, one
(d)efforts, carried
(e) venture, disposed

10.  Behaving in a _________________ and serious way, even in a __________________ situation, makes people respect you.
(a) calm, difficult
(b) steady, angry
(c) flamboyant, tricky
(d) cool, astounding
(e) silly, sound

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1.  e
2.  d
3.  c
4.  c
5.  d
6.  e
7.  b
8.  c
9.  d

10. a