IBPS PO VIII Interview Experience – 08 | Shishier Chandra

Name: Shishier Chandra
Venue: Noida Sector 62
Timing: 8:30 AM

I reached the venue at 8 AM and entered the centre gate around 8.15 AM. No hesitation only confidence I felt at that time. This was my first interview. First number is mine to give this interview.

Panel I: 5 Members
Total members: (4 Male, 1 Female)

“Bell rang! I entered the room i greet them and they said sit sit!”

Q1: What is green card?
ME: Answered.

Q2: What impact on environment?
ME: I don’t know sir

Q3: Please Introduce Yourself.
ME: Answered.

Q4: If devaluation is happen in the country what effect put on import export?
ME: I don’t know Sir.

Q5: What is FM and AM?
ME: Answered.

Q6: Grand father ko bluetooth ke bare mai kaise smjhaoge. And bluetooth kaise technology hai
ME: Answered.

Q7: What is today’s headlines?
ME: Answered.

Q8: Bharat Ratana kis kis ko mile? 
ME: Answered.

Q9:  Kha se belong kerte hai ye log?
ME: I don’t know.

Q10: What is digitalization?
ME: Answered.

Q11: What goverement schemes launched for digitalization?
ME: Answered

“At last ok thank you shishier! All the best!”

All The Best Shishier Chandra!

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