IBPS PO VIII Interview Experience – 10 | Sourav Mahajan

Name: Sourav Gupta
Interview Venue: Chandigarh
Date: 03/02/2019
Timing: 1 PM

Panel: 5 Members

Total Members: (4 Male, 1 Female)

“Entered and wished them Good afternoon.”
M1: Please Sit Down.
ME: Thank you Sir.

M1: So some write Sourav while others Saurabh (with laughter)
ME: Sir Explained somehow.

M2: Sourav tell me about your family background.
ME: Told and answered some cross questions about father’s profile.

M2: What is quality of a good content writer (as I mentioned that I work as a freelance content writer)
ME: Told

M2: What  students are saying about us how is the panel.
ME: I said they are saying that panel is friendly and I am also feeling the same. (with smile)

M3: Tell me any topic of from where I ask you questions.
ME: Money instrument.

M3: Difference between certificate of deposits and commercial papers.
ME: Told.

M4: What do u know by short term and long term borrowings.
ME: Told.

M4: Minimum and maximum limit for which u can do FD.
ME: Told.

M2: Favorite actor and actress.
ME: Told.

M2: Negotiable instruments mein cheque kis section mein defined hai.
ME: Answered.

M2: Okay Sourav Have a nice day, Good luck
ME: Thank you Sirs and Mam.

All The Best Sourav Mahajan!


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