IBPS PO VIII Interview Experience – 11 | Vignesh V

IBPS PO VIII Interview Experience

Name: Vignesh V
Venue: Indian Overseas Bank, Regional Office, Chennai.
Panel:  1
Date: 4th February 2019
Reporting Time: 8:30 AM

Hi Friends,
When I reached the venue it was 08:45 AM and I had to sign in the register at the gate(everyone has to sign). As I was late the security personnel asked me to go fast to the third floor and while I was for the lift I could see many people being seated in the waiting hall (parents,friends and guardians). I reached the third floor and i was asked to check the serial number and sign.The serial number was ’11’. I quickly approached towards verification & biometrics. The staff was very helpful but didn’t compromise with any of the documents. Xerox facility was available at the same place. We were seated according to the serial number in a common room. 

At 10’o clock I was asked to go in. I got very tensed and  my heart started to beat rapidly(As like you would feel when you speak to your crush for the first time).I took and deep breath and knocked the door. They said “come in”. That’s when the interview started.

Panel: 5 Members
Total Members: (2 Female, 3 Male)

“At the center sir with a suit and others formally dressed. Good Morning Mam, Good Morning Sir” 

Panel members were very smiling & the person at the center said ”Your tie looks good” 
(I smiled and said thank you sir)

M1: So Vignesh Introduce yourself.
ME: Said about my educational background,my family and my parents occupation.

M1: You got graduation in 2017 so what were you doing till now?
ME: Sir,I got placed in campus in a ABC IT company but I was not interested hence I did not join.

M1: So what have you prepared?
ME: Sir I have not prepared anything in specific. I have tried to cover as much as possible in banking and current affairs.I will try my best to answer those.

F1: So you did your schooling in Tirunelveli but you are from Chennai. How?
ME: Answered. 

F1: So between Tirunelveli and Chennai which do you prefer?
ME: Answered.  

F1: So Tirunelveli is a rural place. What are the rural banks in Tamil Nadu?
ME: Answered.(lasted current affairs 2RRB’s merged as one)

F2: What is the Sterlite issue in Tuticorin?
ME: Answered. 

F2: The government is spending so much money in rural infrastructure. Do you think it is right?
ME: Mam rural infrastructure is developed for the marginalized people in rural places who do not have a regular income. Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. Priority sector lending gives 40% and out of which 18% is for agriculture.

F2: No No! The government is spending so much money in rural infrastructure. Do you think it is right?  
ME: (Now I was clear) Mam so much spent on the rural infrastructure for the upliftment of the society for sustainable growth.

F2: Tell me one good reason why i have to hire a engineer?
ME: If you would ask me the same question 50 years back i would have said engineers lack in few aspects. But now it’s not the case. Engineers are trained professionals who are taught management skills while studying engineering. The only thing that they would lack is in accountancy and commerce knowledge. I think we could overcome that by having the willing and attitude to learn.

M2: So explain in simple terms what is banking?
ME: It is business activity where it primarily accepts deposits and lends loans.

M2: Any other service does it offers?  
ME: It’s auxiliary services are locker facilities, credit card, debit card, bancassurance and ATM.
M3: Can you name any 2 schemes named after the Prime Minister? 
ME: Sir, After former PM hon’ble Atal bihari Vajpayee – APY and after After former PM hon’ble Indira Gandhi PMMVVY.

M3: No No! You are saying very old schemes any new schemes?

M3: Have you heard PMJJBY?  
ME: Yes sir, it is for age limit between 18-50 yrs. 

M3: What insurance is it?   
ME: Life insurance sir.

M1: So Vignesh, recently our Hon’ble PM Modi visited Madurai and a few people were showing black flags. What do you thing is it right or wrong?    
ME: Sir the government taking many steps and are forming many schemes for each and every state equally without any partiality. Few people may be against the schemes so they are showing black flags.(I was trying to be diplomatic)

M1: That’s okay.What do you thing is it right or wrong?   
ME: Sir protesting is not unconstitutional and it is a part of democracy. So,it is right. 

“Everyone was done and said thank you”.

ME: Thank You Sir and Madam!

I am an engineering graduate in ECE from chennai. I completed my graduation in 2017 and started preparing for bank exams. I failed in RRB clerk’17(mains), IBPS PO’17(prelims) and IBPS clerk’18(mains). So don’t worry if you have not done well. Don’t lose and keep putting your efforts consistently. Definitely you will clear the exam one day.

At this point I would like to thank my friend Siva Subramanian who is the reason behind me choosing to prepare for bank exams and without him I would not have definitely cleared the exam. I also also thank my friend Subhash for motivating me whenever I felt low. 

Overall My interview was good considering it was my first attempt. Hopefully i get placed. I would be really thankful if my experience helps someone.  

PS: I took mock tests  from Bankersadda for both prelims and mains for IBPS PO/CLERK. The prelims and mains pattern was similar to that of ADDA247 mock tests.I am immensely grateful to the ADDA 247 team.

All The Best Vignesh V!
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