IBPS PO VIII Interview Experience – 14 | Shubham Bijekar

Name: Shubham Bijekar. 
Date: 04/02/2019
Place: Indian Overseas Bank, Chennai
Time: 8:30 AM

My number was 14th and then after successful biometric it was time for DV. They only asked me 10th marksheet, consolidated marksheet, degree certificate and aadhar card. Finally my number came at 11:30 AM.

Panel I: 5 Members
Total members: (3 Male, 2 Female)

“Entered the room with a knock. Greeted them and then they asked me to sit. Thanked them.”

M1: Shubham where are you from?
ME: Sir! I am from Nagpur and settled in Chennai.

M1: Introduce yourself
ME: Introduced about myself with name, educational qualification(mechanical engineering 2016 passed out), parents occupation, siblings and hobbies.

F1: How will your graduation help in banking. Why are you shifting your sector?
ME: I told about helping in vehicle loans. Explained well.

F1: Don’t you think engineers grabbing seats of commerce student in banking sector?(all panel members laughing)
ME: Told about analytical skills. Explained well. She seemed to be satisfied.

F2: What criteria will you see when you give a vehicle loan?
ME: Told about CIBIL score, annual income of customer.

ME: Told them in detail. She was impressed.

F2: What other can Mechanical Engineering help other than vehicle loan?
ME: (Strucked) then said Farmers tractor, pump motors for Farmers. Maam was like ok beta bas.

M1: Tell me about SEBI.
ME: Explained it and told about share IPO FPO.

M1: What is primary and secondary market?
ME: Told. He seemed to be satisfied.

M2: What have you been doing since your graduation?
ME: Told about getting job in IT which I was not interested and told about government job preparation.

M2: What is difference between overdraft and demand draft?
ME: Explained well. All were satisfied.

M3: What is AML?
ME: Got confused between AML and ALM. coud’nt recall. Said sorry.

M3: No problem. Who issues aadhar card?

M3: What is that?
ME: Explained that but did’nt recall full form.

M1: So what is latest technology adopted in Railway? (as father was in railways)
ME: Explained about train 18. Complete details. M1 seemed to be most interested about it. Asked further more questions about it. Answered it very well.

M1: Very good. Shubham all the best.
ME: Thanked everyone and exited the room with smiling face at 11:40 AM.

Overall was good experience and Panel members were friendly and it was more or less a 2 way communication rather than the interview. Hopefully gets cleared.

All The Best Shubham Bijekar!


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