IBPS PO VIII Interview Experience – 16 | Pratik A

Name: Pratik A.
Date: February 3, 2019.
Venue: Bank of Maharashtra, Staff Training Centre.
Time: 8:30 AM

Centre was very nice, friendly staff, water, tea-biscuits, restroom everything was available. First we were given a self deceleration form in which we had to fill the order of the docs that we are going to submit. I was 11th but my interview happened at 4th number itself as I was done with bio-metric and doc verification early. The panel had 5 members. Average age of panel was around 55 – 60 years.

Panel I: 5 MembersTotal Members: (4 Male, 1 Female)

“Good Morning Everyone.”
 Panel: Good Morning.

M2: So Pratik form where and in what have you done your B.Tech?
ME: Told.

M2: How many student were there with you in your final year. 
ME: Fortunately I knew. Phew!

M2: How many percent got placements?
ME: I thought he asked did you got placed? Then told the correct answer.

L1: Why didn’t you try for other companies? Why are you coming for banking?
ME: Told.

 L1: Tell me 5 auto mobile producing companies in Pune. 
ME: I was trying to recollect and tell she stopped and said ” Tata Motors is there”. She wanted to here tata motors.

M2: Tell me the names of the cars that your company produced?
ME: I was in General Motors….as thing happened I was telling them and he stopped me and said ” Are bhai Cruise bhi toh hai ” . Jeez!! how can I forget my favourite car.

M2: Why did you left your company?
ME: I was laid off as the company closed its operations in India.

M2: What did you do for two years?
ME: Told at the end I said I have also invested in stock markets.

M2: What are Mutual Funds, What are its type? What are Hedge Fund?
ME: Told.

L1: What is difference between FD and a Debt fund?
ME: She was looking an answer from a taxation perspective. I fumbled.

M1(God Finally): Who is a will full defaulter?
ME: Told.

M1: Who is a defaulter?
ME: I fumbled again. I said ” Person who doesnt pays his loan” They wanted answer as “A person who does not pay loan on or before dur dated duck.

L1: Difference between banks and NBFC.
ME: Told.

L1: Have you heard anything about ICICI bank?
ME: Told (poor Mrs Chanda Kochar!)

M2: Ok! tell me something about yourself. 
ME: (I was like what the duck!) Sure Sir, then told the answer with necessary improvisations.

“M3 was just looking at me. M4 was busy looking outside window and doing something on mobile”.

L1: Ok thank you Pratik. We wish you luck.

Interview was good. I fumbled at few places. I say most important tip is ” Keep Clam and Crack your interview.”

Hope this helps!

All The Best Pratik!


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