IBPS PO VIII Interview Experience – 17 | Vijay

NAME: Vijay
VENUE: Hotel Astor, Patna
TIME: 8:00 AM

I have reached on time and had smooth document verification as they are very active.

Panel III: 5 Members
Total members: 5 (4 Male, 1 Female)

M1: So Mr. Vijay! Aap Kaha se hain. Padhayi kha se huyi hai.
ME: Answered.

M1: You have graduated in mathematics. What is the need of it in banking.
ME: Answered.

M1: Why do we select you?
ME: Answered confidently.

M3: Do you know what is lead bank?
ME: I answered but he was not satisfied.

M3: Who gave it tag.
ME: Sorry sir, I don’t know.

M3: So along with mathematics, you also read physics.
ME: Yes sir.

M3: Why we use red light in trains.
ME: Answered

M1: What are you doing after graduation as I have gap. 
ME: Answered confidently and I think he was satisfied.

M3: Why it is necessary to push a moving car but it does not require any push when it started.
ME: Answered confidently.
M4: Very good.

M1: Relate frequency and wavelength.
ME: I answered in doubt. I think inversely proportional to each other.

M3: MUZZAFERPUR se to nahi hai na aap. I think bol rahe aap.

“All Laughed.” 

M2: How banks are categorised?
ME: Answered.

M2: Difference between PSU and private banks.
ME: Answered.

M2: What is RRB?
ME: I answered but I made mistake in percentage allocations.

Even M1 told me to confirm from book after interview. I felt sad at that moment but anyhow I didn’t loose my composure.

L1: So do you read Banking?
ME: Yes mam!

M5: What is CRR and SLR?
ME: Answered.

M1: What is NDTL? 
ME: Answered.

M1: What is time liability and demand?
ME: I answered only time liability.

M1: Who invented zero?
ME: I answered it wrong.

And one more follow up question about aryabhatta from where he was? I told only that he was from Bihar. M1 shaked hand with me and told it was nice talk with you Mr Vijay.

Medium was hinglish!

All The Best Vijay!


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