IBPS PO VIII Interview Experience – 18 | Rahul Gupta

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I want to express my sincere thanks to Bankersadda for helping me out on each and every occasion during my entire time of preparation. I spent daily like 3-4 hours scrolling bankersadda website, the questions posted in the quiz section were really helpful. Thanks a lot. Here’s my interview details.

NAME: Rahul Gupta

DATE: 31st January 2019
VENUE: Bank of India STC, Noida
My reporting time was 1 PM. I reached there a little bit late by 1:05. I was directly sent to the Biometric Verification room. I was one of the last students to have completed Biometric. Soon they told me to wait in the gallery where more than 30 students were already waiting. We waited for almost 2 hours before my document verification was done. Then I was told to go up to the first floor where interviews were taking place. 
After 1 hour of restless wait, my turn came. Mine was Panel III. There were 5 people inside M1, M2, M3, M4 and a lady who was sitting on the left end.

Panel IIII: 5 Members
Total members: 5 (4 Male, 1 Female)
“May I come in Mam?”
L1: Yeah Come in.
M2: Take a Seat.
ME: Thank You Sir.

M1: So Rahul, introduce yourself.
ME: Answered.

M2: So why do want to join Banking after Engineering?
ME: Told them a typical answer. They must be expecting something similar answer as M2 interrupted in between. 

M2: Tell me what is Priority Sector Lending?
ME: Answered.

M2: Why do banks need to lend to farmers?
ME: Answered.

M2: What are the types of Agriculture?
ME: Answered.

M2: Are you missing out something?
ME: Sir, I don’t remember.

M2: Are fisheries, Dairy, and Poultry not part of agriculture?
ME: Yes Sir, They are.

L1: What is a saving account? How does it differ from F.D.? 
ME: Answered.

L1: What are the interest rates banks give on both type of accounts?
ME: Answered. 

M4: You have a subject on your mark sheet “Artificial Intelligence & Expert System” Tell me about that.
ME: Answered.

M4: What is AI and its role in the Banking sector?

ME: Answered.

M4: Can AI put human existence in Danger?
ME: Answered.

M3: Do you have a bank account? Which bank?

ME: Answered.  

M3: How many SBI Branches are there in India.
ME: Sir I don’t know the exact number but close to 20,000.

M3: What is the IFSC code of your bank?
ME: Answered.  

M3: What do you mean by an IFSC code?
ME: Answered.  

M3: Does it indicate the bank name or branch name?
ME: Answered. 

M3: Who regulates stock markets in India?
ME: Told them about SEBI its functions, headquarter and chairman. M3 interrupted this time 

M3: Forget about chairman tell me who regulates Insurance companies in India. 
ME: (Got confused for a while. Thanks to God I was able to recollect it on time) IRDA.

M3: What is the full form?
ME: Insurance Regulatory and (again blank for a while…soon) Development Authority of India.
M3 : Very Good. (He saw me struggle with the answer but finally, I got it right)

M2: What do you understand by the term “Men In Blue”?
ME: It refers to Indian Cricket Team. (was not sure but this flashed in my mind)

M2: Indian Cricket Team Playing ODI and Test both?
ME: Yes Sir.

M2: But in Test Matches they wear a white dress, Don’t they?
ME: Yes Sir They do.
M2: Then why they are called Men in Blue?
ME: Because Sir their ODI & T20I jersey color is Blue and based on test matches one can’t come up with such names.

M2: No, They are referred Men in Blue when they play ODI and T20s only, Not in Tests.
ME: Okay Sir.

M3: Recently two of the Indian Cricketers were in news? Can you name them?
ME: Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul.
M3: So why they were in News?
ME: (Answered) He didn’t look satisfied with the answer so further asked.

M3: What were the comments they had given during the show?
ME: Awkward..What shall I say. What are words I have to skip using here. Somewhat answered close to the comments they had made. Told them about dressing room, Cheerleaders and Party One.

M3: That’s it?
ME: Yes Sir. 
M3: Thank You Rahul and All the Best!
ME: Thank You So Much Sir, Mam.
“I came out with a smile.”
All The Best Rahul Gupta!


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