IBPS RRB Officer Scale-1 Interview experience (Patna)

Dear Readers,

Name: Maliha Minto
Interview: RRB- Scale I
Date: 21-01-2017
Location: Patna
Venue: Madhya Bihar Grameen Bank
Shift :       1 Pm
Panel: VI

Hi guys, I am sharing my first ever banking interview experience @ Bankers Adaa

Here’s a detailed review of my Interview day,
I reached my interview venue at 8 in the morning, as it was 100kms away from my home. There was this human chain formation event in bihar that day so to avoid any traffic issues I reached early. 
Entry inside the venue started at sharp 1 pm. The documentation process went smoothly. Although some candidates’ had issue with biometrics. (Always be careful when giving initial thumb print while giving mains exam-don’t rush through).
At about 2 pm we were told to wait outside the panel room. It was lunch break then. I was second to go in my panel.
At 2:45 I was called inside.
There were  4 panelist members. 3male and 1 female.
M1(middle-aged) ,M2(Middle-aged),M3(Elderly/head) and F1(Young)
I wished them Good Afternoon with a smile. They wished me back with more warmer smile. They seemed very energetic as well as supporting.

Now the questions
M1- Maliha ka matlab bataiye?
Me- Sir Maliha means beautiful and graceful

M1- Where do you live

M1-Apke Papa Mummy kya krte hain?

M1-What have you studied?
I said BBA in graduation and MBA –HR. (He said I mean what did u study for today.) everybody laughed.I also smiled and replied –Sir general banking and current affairs.
M1-okay so I have to frame a question relating current affairs and banking. Then he asked oki tell me whos the newly appointed deputy governor. He shot the question like a rapid fire round and gave me 3 options too. Hahhaaa

M1- What is the need of different banks? –

M2- Why general public is afraid to go inside a bank?- 

M1-When did you last visit a bank?
Me- Last month for bank loan regarding my father’s business. Then he started asking questions relating to it.

M2- What is LLP(as I was from HR)- 

M1- Banking k liye kahan se padha?
Me- sir notes, Arihant ki books and daily news se updated rehtin hoon.

M1- What is the role of a guarantor?- 
I was answering very fast , so F1 told me to relax and take my time.

M1- offered me a chocolate. I took it.
Then M3 started asking questions-
What is IMF? Its role
Who represents the member Country In IMF?
Me- Started thinking then he asked who’s the governor of RBI- I said Urjit Patel then he asked me so any guesses who represents IMF. I understood his hint but gave my reply- Sir it could be either RBI governor or The Finance Minister, cause they both are dignitaries in the financial sector. He gave a warm smile and then said its RBI governor, but I like your thinking approach.

M3- what are the instruments of monetary control?
I answered but forgot to say bank rate.

M3- kuch bhool nhi rhin ap beta? _Bank rate. Accha mujhe bank rate ka standard definition digye?
Me- Answered

M3- Do you want to be a bank manager?
I said I will certainly try to make myself deserving enough to be that in the coming years.

M3- What changes would you like to have at your branch for villagers?
Me- sir I would like to make it more user-friendly. Villagers and illiterate people are intimidated by banks so I would try to set-up special counters for the, I would also like to create awareness by distributing pamphlets depicting easy flowcharts related to banking activities. He gave a good smile.

M3- again offered me a chocolate. I took it and said thank you sir , I will take this one for my sister.
Then all of them said thank you beta, you may go now!

Well it took around 20-25 minutes. I don’t know if I get selected or not, but I certainly enjoyed my interview. 
P.S. (For students)- don’t get intimidated by this whole interview process. They just check your confidence and personality. Banking knowledge nhi judge krte, unko pta hai ki sab last minute banking terms padh k jate hain.
Maliha Minto

All the best for IBPS PO aspirants
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