IBPS RRB PO Interview Experience 2017 -5 (Abhishek Saha)

Dear Aspirants,
IBPS RRB GBO Interview Experience 2017 -2 (Santosh Singh)
IBPS RRB PO is the most sought after recruitment process by banking aspirants. Personal Interview is the final round of IBPS RRB PO 2017 Recruitment. Interview experiences can help you get an insight of the difficulty level, environment, and types of questions that are asked in IBPS RRB PO 2017 Interview Round. Here is the interview experience of Abhishek Saha.

UBI Staff training center, Guwahati
Time: 1pm, panel 3.

Document verification completed & my turn came at 5:30 p.m. (Last member)
6 members in the panel(M1,F,M2,M3,M4,M5,M6)

Entered & wished good evening & took a seat.

M3: So, Abhishek, where are you from?
Me: I hail from Tinsukia which is in upper Assam.
M3: Are Bhai, come-on, fast, introduce yourself.
Me: Gave introduction.
M3: Why you have come to banking being an engineer??
Me: Sir, back in Wipro I used to do computer network maintenance, so it was a totally repeatitive & monotonous process, & most importantly, it lacks decision making. I always love to communicate with people & takes decisions so that I can feel valuable for the organisation. Banking sector will give me enough scope as well as a challenge to make decisions.
M2: What is IDBI?
ME: Told.
M2: IDBI does retail banking?
Me: Don’t know.
M5: what is SIDBI & NABARD?
Me: Told.
M6: What are the equities of RRBs?
Me: Answered.
M3: Abhishek, there will be a lot of pressure, how will you handle it?
Me: Sir, pressure might be there, but people are there who are doing it, so if they can , I’ll also be able to do it in due course of time.
M5: If you are posted in ‘Dima Hasao’ which is nearby Nagaland border, will you work?
Me: Yes of course (pretended as if I don’t know Nagaland is a disturbed area).
M3: Ok Abhishek, thank you, that’s all.
Me: Thank you very much sir & I came out (the good thing is, they wrapped it up within 7 minutes as I was the last member).

My interview was totally based on the presence of mind, nothing very tough about banking was asked.

Good luck everyone…

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