Idioms/Phrases Quiz

1. To hit the jackpot
(a) To gamble
(b) To get an unexpected victory
(c) To be wealthy
(d) To make money unexpectedly

2. To let the cat out of the bag
(a) To give latitude
(b) To show compassion
(c) To miss a golden opportunity
(d) To tell a secret without intending to do so

3. To pay off old scores
(a) To have one’s revenge
(b) To settle a dispute
(c) To repay the old loan
(d) None of these

4. A cock-and-bull story
(a) A true story
(b) A children’s story
(c) A story of animals
(d) A foolish And concocted story

5. To beat the air
(a) To make frantic efforts
(b) To act foolishly
(c) To make efforts that are useless or vain
(d) To make every possible effort

6. To be a good Samaritan
(a) To be law-abiding
(b) A wise person
(c) A religious person
(d) A genuinely charitable person

7. To take a leaf out of somebody’s book
(a) To take him as a model
(b) To steal something valuable
(c) To follow the dictates of someone
(d) To conform to other’s standard

8. To set the thames on fire
(a) To do something remarkable
(b) To try to do the impossible
(c) To burn something to ashes
(d) To fling ironical remarks

9. To show one’s teeth
(a) To ridicule
(b) To face difficulties
(c) To adopt a threatening attitude
(d) To be humble

10. To pour oil in troubled water
(a) To foment trouble
(b) To add to the trouble
(c) To instigate
(d) To calm a quarrel with soothing words (Railways, 1992)

11. To play on a fiddle
(a) To play upon a musical instrument
(b) To play an important role
(c) To be busy over trifles
(d) To be busy over important matter

12. To mind one’s P’s and Q’s
(a) To be cautious
(b) To be accurate and precise
(c) To be careful of one’s accounts
(d) To be careful of one’s personality

13. At one’s beck and call
(a) Enjoying oneself without caring for others
(b) To be always at one’s service
(c) To be under one’s subjugation
(d) To be in an advantageous position

14. Swan-song
(a) Music as sweet as a song of birds
(b) A melodious song in praise of someone
(c) Praise of a woman by her lover
(d) Last work of a poet or musician before death

1. D
2. D
3. A
4. D
5. C
6. D
7. A
8. B
9. C
10. A
12. B
13. B
14. D