If You Missed 2016, 2017 is Here For You

2016 was a year that came with some major changes, surprises and more opportunities in terms of recruitment in Banking Sector.  We are saying ‘was’ because now it is time to bid adieu to 2016 and welcome 2017 with a fresh determination and a vision to succeed.

All of you might have tasted the bitter sweet treat of 2016, for some it brought a lot of opportunity which helped them bag their dream job and for many it brought a major change starting from SBI’s Recruitment exams. And if you’ve missed an opportunity in 2016, don’t worry be prepared because 2017 is then your year, because this year has made you wiser and more receptive to challenges which is a bonus for you in this coming new year.

In 2016 SBI brought in the trend of sectional timing in mains examination, but that came with its own cost of a drastic change in pattern in types and level of questions asked. These changes were also taken up IBPS in its own fashion, by asking reverse syllogism in reasoning and some more changes in English language section. But those students, who paid attention to this new trend brought up by SBI, surely had an upper edge among other candidates in IBPS Exams. This was a clear message that the level of Banking Examination is changing, or should we say the Change is already here. Learn from it, and adapt to face more challenges, this fighter spirit will sail you through 2017 with the job you are aiming at in your hand.

Even in terms of vacancy, 2016 gave a good chance to get their dream job, but just as nothing worth comes easy, as we stated earlier there were some changes in pattern. So now you can practice accordingly and be prepared for 2017.

In 2017 on 7th-8th January you have IPPB Recruitment Examination, which will take place for the first time, and it offers a great salary package. Moreover you have IBPS Clerk Mains on The First Day of New Year itself, this can be your chance of a successful start and a blissful 2017. Indian Bank is also for the first time recruiting for Manipal program and the exam is expected to take place on 22nd January. Think of all those opportunities you’ll have in 2017, when let alone January is bringing up so much.

From this day pledge to cultivate this New Year for your progress, if you are determined and aware, nothing in the world can stop you. We were with you in 2016 and we will be there with you in every step of 2017, to show you the path towards success.