Important Idioms Part – III

We have selected these Idioms and Phrases for maximum usefulness. All these have appeared in recent years in different exams. it can be helpful in upcoming exams

Idiom: Jolly good time
Meaning : Time of happiness
Usage: I have a jolly good time in
company of my family.
Idiom : Lame excuse
Meaning : Unacceptable lies
Usage: You should not make lame excuses
to avoid work.

Idiom : Lay something on
Meaning : Provide
Usage : As soon as he breathed his last,
the nurse laid a cloth on him
Idiom : Look into something
Meaning : Investigate
Usage : I’ll have to look into that
Idiom : Look on
Meaning : Watch inactively
Usage: The beating took place while a
policeman looked on.
Idiom : Look over someone / something
Meaning : Examine
Usage: I think you had better have the
doctor look you over.
Idiom : Look something up
Meaning : Try to find in dictionary
Usage: If you don’t know the meaning of
the word, look it up in your dictionary.
Idiom : Lousy
Meaning : Terrible
Usage : Why did you speak so rudely to
your grandmother? That was a lousy thing to do!
Idiom : Get a grip
Meaning : To control your emotions
Usage : Come on, get a grip, we’ve got an
important meeting in five minutes
Idiom : Jump to conclusions
Meaning : Decide something too quickly and
without thinking about it
Usage: Jumping the conclusion may harm in
the long run.