Interview Experience 2017 -7 (Shreya Chanda)

Dear Aspirants,
IBPS PO is one of the most sought-after Government Sector job these days. Personal Interview is the final round of IBPS PO 2017-18 Recruitment. Interview experiences can help you get an insight of the difficulty level, environment, and types of questions that are asked in IBPS PO 2017-18 Interview Round. Here is the interview experience of  Shreya Chanda.

Me: May I come in, please?
All of them: Yes please, do come in.

Me: Good Afternoon Mam, Good Afternoon Sirs.
All of them: Reciprocated the same.

F: The same madam panelist from my RRB PO interview. She asked me instantly Shreya you had RRB PO interview na? What about the result?
Me: Yes Mam, selected in both PO and assistant.All of them congratulated me.

F: So introduce yourself.
Me: Did.

M1: What have you studied for the interview?
Me: Banking Awareness, Current affairs, and Subject Questions.

M1: So you decide from where will you start…
Me: Started with the definition of banking, functions of RBI, source of income for bank

M2: What is funds transfer?
Me: Explained.

M3: What is NPA?
Me: Explained and when asked to elaborate, classified NPA on the basis of duration.

M4: What happens if NPA increases?
Me: Bank’s profitability gets reduced.

M3: What is PCA?
Me: Explained.

M2: Difference between RRBs and PSBs
Me: RRBS have more social obligation than PSBs as the former is directly concerned with upliftment or rural mass.

All of them said Okk Shreya Good luck for this interview and welcome to the banking industry. All the Best for your bright future.
Me: Thank you, Mam. Thank you, Sirs.

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