Interview Experience

Venue– PNB bank, Sector 17, Chandigarh
Time — 8:30am
I reached at the venue(PNB bank) at 8:25 and they allowed us in at 8:32(to be exact).
Verification of documents procedure started at 9:15am. My number was third last in the list i.e. i was the 19th candidate in my panel.

Interview started at 9:50am and i entered the room at 1:18pm. There was 6 members in my panel (5M and 1F). 2 members were noticing my body language.
I entered the room with a smile and greeted everyone good afternoon. They offered me seat.

M1 (heading the panel)– so hiccup you’ve done engineering from?
Me- sir xyz college.

M1 — ohk! Then hum par thoda banking ka prakash daaliye (he said the exact same wordings :-P)
Me — bilkul sir! Please.

M1 — stale cheque?
Me — explained

M1 — difference between partnership and company?
Me— explained but they was not satisfied.

M5 — interrupted in between and he started cross questioning. At the last i said i am sorry, sir. I think i was wrong (with a smile on my face)

M1 — have u heard about SEZ?
Me — Yes, sir!

M1 — btao then?
Me — explained.

M1 — kahin pe shuru hua hai ye?
Me — Sir in maharastra

M1 — yahan aas pas ni hua himachal me kahin?
Me — sorry sir, i am not able to recollect.
M1 — baddi me?
Me — yes yes sir.. Baddi me hua hai.

M1 — (after thinking about a minute and i was watching everyone’s face in the mean time) Balance sheet?
Me — sir definition pta hai but exact me ni pta. So i tell them the definition.

M1 — (again he took few seconds and i was looking at almonds and coffee bite candies placed right in front of Me :P) profit and loss account?
Me — sorry sir, i don’t know!

M1 — ohk g thank you.! I greeted all of them thank you and walked out of the room with a smile on my face.

None other guys or even mam asked me any question.
They asked only banking questions from all the candidates in my panel no personal questions, nothing. Just dress up properly and don’t argue with them and the most important thing ‘ALWAYS KEEP SMILING’ !
Good luck everyone!! 🙂