Interview experience – Aishwarya

date n time- 21st noon 1 pm.
venue-syndicate bank learning centre, Bangalore. Penal-3
after having our document verification we asked to wait in the hall as serial number wise, when my turn came, i heard the calling bell i stood up, almost shivering, however I managed and took a long breath before entering the room, i entered the room with a smile.

6 gentle men were there but one of them did not said anything till the end, he just was staring at me. Mister M5
Me – May I come in sir?​
M1 – Yes please. Good afternoon.​
Me – Very good after noon sir(i wished them separately)​
M1– Please take your seat(i kept standing up until they offered me a seat)​
Me – Thank You sir,​

M1– You are Aishwarya right?​
Me – Yes sir​

M1– What does it mean?​
Me – Told that it means a wealth, property, almost same the meaning as godess laxmi.

M1- Do u know another famous  person named Aishwarya?​
Me- Yes sir I know Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.​

M1- Usike naam rakha gaya hai kya(asked in kannada)?
Me-no sir she got selected as miss world and got famous in the year 1994 n my birth date is 1992, my dad gave this name

M3- Do u know her daughter’s name?​
Me- (was almost about to laugh, I managed however)told.
M2 – What do u know about PMJDY?​
Me – I kept explaining, they kept listening, they did not disturbed me at any point.

M4 – Tell us something abt swacch bharat abhiyan.
Me – explained​

M4 – Do you know who is it’s Brand ambassador?​
ME – said.

 M4 – what u hv done for swacch bharat abhiyan​
Me- said some thing that we had done in our colony, and cleaned a near by garden.​
M4 – Do u know about the recent controversial film?​
Me – Told PK.​

M2- Do u know any thing abt RBI’s recent news?​
Me- Told, about private banks CEO’s age, repo rate, about plastic notes after field trial, etc​

M3- Why u hv a gap of an year after your degree?​
Me– Sir I purposely took a break for the preparation of my bank exam sir.

M6- You are B.Sc graduate, and Your have lots of applicants who are engg. do u think u can make among them?(only que he asked)
Me-sir in bank we need simple basic computer knowledge I think for that we don’t need any software professional, and I can do whatever  this post demands.

M6- You mean they should not try for this?
Me- No sir there is a separate cadre for that as IT officer, so sir every one has diff posts according to their degree.​

M1- What are your top five preference banks?​
Me-  Told the names of all banks from my application form​

M1- If u r appointed for the other bank do u wanna join or not(with a light smile)​
me- Off course I join sir.

M1- Then u might hv cleared the clerical exam too?
Me- yes sir

M1- What will u do if You are finalized for both?
Me- If I really deserve for more, then I don’t wish to satisfy with less, sir.

M3- She seems certain about her decision. looked at each other finally they got to an end of interview,
M2- So what else Aishwarya? do u hv anything to ask us?
Me– No sir thanks for the opportunity(smiled)
M2- Ok then, all the best.

Wished all again thank u and left the hall.
I think I would have done my best n don’t think that I could have done better
than this.
All the best to all dear friends (competitors:-P)
One small tip, aapke preparation mese koi que aaya too koi galati mat karna n
give a perfect ans, agar preparation ke baahar se ho to be cool and try to make a healthy conversation.