Interview Experience – Antara

Hello Readers,

Here we are presenting to you the Interview Experience of Antara, one of the bright reader of BA!! Hope you like the post!!!

Date : 28/ 01/ 15
Time : 8:30 AM
Panel : 4
Venue : UCO Bank Building, Bhubaneswar

I reached at the venue around 8:00 am. Many candidates were already present with enthusiastic Parents. Everyone was Holding Times of India :P. We were allowed to enter sharp at 8:30 am . As i entered my room , i realized i was the first one to get interviewed :((..

Then my verification started and suddenly they said that your Fathers Name isn’t matching (It was a matter of surname we use Misra and it was printed Mishra πŸ˜€ I had all correct , but just because i uploaded his name with Misra , i had to produce a proof which had Misra as his surname.) I was completely shattered, i kept telling them that i have to travel 30 Km back home to get any other Proof. He said that u wait let others who have Ok documents they give their interview. I then called my Mom and fortunately My aadhar card had all that the Bank wanted >_<.. So she reached their with my Dad and then my interview began at 12:00 PM

Panel had ( 4M, 1F) – The panel was very friendly and they had chocolates, juice , biscuit but all for themselves πŸ˜› 

I greeted them and they offered a seat with a smile πŸ™‚

M1(Above 50 and the head) : Antara right?
Me : Yes Sir

M1 : What does it mean ?
Me : 2nd stanza of a song Sir. (he asked to retell him πŸ˜› i thought he loved the name :P)

M1 : Then you will always remain 2nd , you never want to be 1st (with the πŸ˜€ smile)
Me : I smiled and said No Sir i had many firsts , Like I was The College Topper twice πŸ™‚ He smiled back.

M1 : When did you complete your Btech and in which branch ? What’s Your Age ? (I thought seriously :P)
Me : I answered.

(He passed on to M4)

M4(Above 55 and calm one ) : Antara what is your Father?
Me : I said Sir Ex- Sergeant from IAF

M4 :  IAF Haan (Impressed) Then tell me who is the Air chief Marshall?
Me : I Answered and he said good

M4 : Why do you want to join a bank, don’t you Engineers feel Software Industry needs U?
Me : I said Sir there is a common saying “When a drop of water falls over a pond It has no identity , but when the same droplet falls over a leaf it shines” So i want to shine πŸ™‚

(All were smiling with a Nod)

M4: Then u think bank will make u shine πŸ™‚ Ok Do you think bank job is riskier?
Me : I said yes it is but i love challenges and if i don’t take a risk now when i m young then when should I take it.

M4: Satisfied . If you get a posting far away from your hometown will you work?
Me: Ofcourse Sir, why not?

M4: Everyone say so but they never Join?
Me: But Sir where i previously worked even that was far from my home in a rural place and i worked there happily, so same will happen if i get a bank.

Happily shifted to M3 (Above 50 and reserved type)

M3: Ok What is a bank?
Me :I Answered

M3 : U said its primary job is taking deposits and lending , so tell me what’s the benefit of lending?
Me : Answered

M3 : Do you think Profit is the only reason, if so then How Payments Bank earn?
Me : I answered and they felt satisfied

M3 : Ok You have mentioned about Loans so how many types of loans are there?
Me: I answered.

M3: Why every student is so fond of Study loan πŸ˜›
Me : Answered that i have availed it.

M3: From which bank, how much, what is the ROI etc.
Me : Answered

M3 : You are from English medium so give a speech on “Slow and Steady wins the race” and please dont tell a story, Give a Speech πŸ˜›
Me : Gave it.

Good shifted to M2 (Above 40 and just an observer type)

M2 : Tell me 3 functions of RBI?
Me: Said

Shifted to F1 (Above 30)

F1 : Do you have an account apart from Loan acc?
Me: I said yes i have savings account

F1: Okk tell me the difference between Savings acc and Savings student acc?
Me : I was silent and then i answered but she wasn’t satisfied

F1: What is a post-dated cheque?
Me: Answered

M1 suddenly stops her and asks me about my hobby

Me : I love to sing 

M1 : Please sing a song πŸ˜›
Me : Okk sang πŸ˜›

M1 : Do you know Odia Proverbs (regional language)
Me : Yes and then he asked me meaning of a proverb

Then at the end they started discussing about Btech and My Father’s Profession πŸ™‚

And finally said That’s all Thank you

I said Thank you πŸ™‚

#Overall it was an amazing  experience and i was very happy that blunder happened as i got some time and my interview went well πŸ™‚

Antara Misra